How does BenQ Color Vibrance make gaming monitor image quality better?

BenQ Color Vibrance helps you identify enemy targets in your games.

While having convenient presets and clearly defined settings to choose from has advantages, personalization certainly comes in handy. Technology continues to improve and we each have our preferences, so the ability to tailor monitors to our particular needs adds many benefits. With the BenQ Color Vibrance feature gamers go beyond rigid definitions with an impressive 20 color temperature gradations.

That flexibility breathes new life into color not just for the sake of appearance. For sure with greater control over color you enjoy different game titles in more vivid fashion, but beyond artistic merit, Color Vibrance proves helpful to gamers who want to be aware of every pixel and never miss a detail. Of course, greater visual acuity and awareness translates into a competitive edge in multiplayer titles and esports events.

Color Vibrance boosts gaming by way of augmented customization. While run of the mill monitors settle for basic menu options, on BenQ gaming monitors we aim to provide you with more control. 

What is Color Vibrance and what does the feature do?

Color Vibrance employs the processing capabilities of BenQ gaming monitors to create 20 color intensity levels. Easily accessible from the on screen display, Color Vibrance enhances viewing beyond the typical three to four choices on basic monitors. The feature allows you to experiment with color gradations to your heart’s content until colors really pop, whereas with basic gaming monitor settings images often look wrong and washed out. You can quickly adjust settings whenever you want based on each game.

Since the art assets and overall game engines of various titles differ greatly, a limited range of color tone presets can’t possibly do them all justice. Color Vibrance helps with exponentially expanded personalization. We’ve all played a game and felt that something was off with the color. We fiddled with the few settings provided by the monitor, which changed little to nothing, then sighed and just accepted the result as “good enough”. With Color Vibrance the need to settle diminishes greatly as you have much more flexibility.

BenQ gaming monitors feature high end chipsets with the processing power to handle intricate color and tone shifts with precision. Dialing through the settings doesn’t come across as after a fashion, as you can clearly see the results on your display. For gaming enthusiasts that want to remain aware of every fine detail and maintain screen alertness, Color Vibrance proves a valuable ally.

Importantly, we designed Color Vibrance to work with equal efficacy on PC and consoles. You get its full benefit on every panel bit depth and color gamut

The OSD options for BenQ Color Vibrance are clear and intuitive.

The OSD options for BenQ Color Vibrance are clear and intuitive.

Color Vibrance puts every gamer in control

As we mentioned before, Color Vibrance works to enhance game visuals for competitive play. Quite a few pro gamers have come to rely on BenQ gaming monitors with Color Vibrance to stay ahead of competitors at tournaments. Whether you want to relish every texture and polygon in true color or are more focused on ensuring you never miss out on visual detail in the heat of a competitive session, Color Vibrance helps deliver a considerably more personalized gaming experience.  

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