GP500: The Future of Home Entertainment


Are projectors the future of home entertainment? BenQ is making the case with the GP500, a brand new 4K smart projector. The GP500 features 4K resolution, 1500 ANSI Lumens, CinematicColor™, 360-degree sound field, autofocus, object avoidance, Android TV, and auto 2D Keystone.

While these features sound great, does the GP500 live up to expectations and is it the right projector to create an at home theater experience?

Overall Design

The GP500 presents a white cube design with a light blue accent at the front, and four 5w speakers surrounding the bottom half of the projector. The projector has three screws at the bottom that allow you to modify the angle of the projector. The GP500 is a decent-size projector and the absence of handles makes it tough to carry about. However, I found the overall design appealing and it blended perfectly at home. 

Unboxing the GP500

The GP500 comes with the following:

  • Android TV Dongle
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start-Up Guide
Setting Up The GP500

Setting up the GP500 was a simple process. The first step was to locate a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the two screws on the back of the device in order to insert the ATV10 dongle. Once that was done, all I had to do was plug the projector into a power socket. The power cord was a little shorter than expected, however this was easily remedied by using an extension cord.

The projector has several features that provided a pleasant user experience. I was able to position the projector in a perfect spot thanks to Autofocus and Auto 2D keystone. Object avoidance guarantees that items in front of the projector do not hinder the picture being projected and auto screen fit ensures that the image fits perfectly on a projector screen. 



Movie Time

My girlfriend and I decided to kick off the holiday season by having a movie night to test out the GP500. Given the Christmas decorations on our wall, I was unable to project a 100” picture, but the image we were able to project beat our 60” TV.

We were both amazed and delighted by the quality of the GP500. We were excited to have the cinema experience at the comfort of our own home while watching the “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special”. When the special began, we were both amazed at the quality of the projection being displayed; the clarity was superb, and the colors were vibrant. The audio quality added a great touch to the home cinema experience. At full volume, our entire apartment was filled with out-of-the-world sounds from special. We felt fully immersed in the world of the Guardians.

Next, I streamed the 13th season finale of “The Great British Baking Show”, because I wanted to compare how different the quality would be with a television show. Going in, I already knew that “The Great British Baking Show” would not deliver a high-cinematic quality such as a Marvel movie, however I still felt the vibrant colors leap out from my wall. 

Conclusion: Did my girlfriend and I have an at-home theater experience?

Short answer: A resounding yes! We thought the visual quality looked excellent on our wall and I can only think how much better it would be if we had a projector screen. I did not see a reason to add external speakers since the sound quality was already enough. I really enjoyed the immersive viewing experience the GP500 provided.

In summary, we felt like we received a movie theater experience at the comfort of our home. It made for a great date night idea in the living room with our two cats. I could not ask for more.

Visit the product page to learn more about the GP500.

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