BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panel’s EZWrite platform eliminates the boundaries of traditional collaboration

The shift away from passive learning to collaboration in the classroom demands tools that make it easy for teachers to operate while encouraging the highest level of student engagement. BenQ’s EZWrite 5.0 revolutionizes the whiteboard to make its family of interactive flat panels (IFPs) a collaboration tool like no other. The cloud-based interactive whiteboard allows educators to present their teaching materials and annotate from any device — anywhere. It supports Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS, and Android. To join the cloud whiteboard, users simply scan the QR code or use the provided link with the designated room ID. There’s no need for users to download any software, making the platform incredibly easy for teachers to set up.

For uninterrupted lectures and presentations, the platform offers two modes: broadcast and co-creation. In broadcast mode, students can follow the lecture without being able to interrupt. In co-creation mode, students can follow the lecture while also being able to collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between BenQ’s IFP and mobile devices.

Understanding that teachers only have so much time in the day to teach, every minute counts. With that in mind, EZWrite also allows teachers to directly access cloud storage so that they can easily download and upload their files. They can load content from the cloud, make notes, then save the files back to the cloud at the end of the lecture—saving them the valuable time it usually takes when using USB storage devices.

EZWrite is built from the ground up to create active, collaborative classrooms that are easy and intuitive for teachers to operate.

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