What is the best way to use a wireless HDMI screen mirroring in your scrum meetings?

How a wireless HDMI presentation system can help project management teams using Agile methodology to collaborate on projects.


While many Scrum and Agile teams still use sticky notes to identify and communicate issues, advancements in wireless HDMI screen mirroring systems can make it easy for scrum masters to keep their meetings productive – and run on time using a projector or flat panel display. Here are some best practices on integrating a wireless presentation system into your scrums.

BenQ InstaShow S Wireless HDMI for scrum meetings
Sprint Planning

According to Dzone, the planning meeting is essential for the Product Owner and Scrum Master to develop a realistic Sprint backlog and define the highest priority tasks. A wireless screen mirroring system that enables multiple presenters on the screen can help both presenters share their priorities on the screen at the same time to identify areas of ambiguity.

Daily Standups

These meetings are typically time-boxed to keep the meetings running smoothly – and are focused on how everyone is coming along with the development work. Here – a wireless HDMI presentation system that uses buttons is one of the most effective tools to minimize changing presenters quickly. We recommend that there are at least three or more buttons available to the team so that they can plug into their notebook or device –and push the button when it is their turn to share.

CS-100_button1 - for web
Sprint Review

The objective of this meeting is to demonstrate the functionality of the product and what has been achieved during a particular sprint. According to Scrum.org, this is the most underestimated Scrum Event, and for many companies, its potential is yet to be revealed. To enable the best demonstration, you can use an InstaShow system, to plug in a button to a document camera, Raspberry Pi development board, Chromebit, or nearly any other device (including notebooks and tablets) to enable the team to demonstrate the product to the Product Owner and other vested parties. You can also use the split-screen functionality to display four different screens on display at the same time. For example, you can provide a demo on one screen, the original planning document on a second, a Sprint log on the third – and systems on the fourth.

InstaShow – the perfect wireless presentation for scrums

While many scrum masters have tried using low-cost consumer solutions such as Chromecast or Apple TV to enable their team members to share information, these can be clumsy to set up with their team and to change presenters. The InstaShow uses a dedicated button using an HDMI or USB-C connector that doesn’t require any software apps –plug it in and start presenting. Also, because the InstaShow encrypts the content, there is no worry about losing your IP via a wireless hacker.

The InstaShow WDC-10 is ideal for team stand up meetings and presentations where only one source is going to be on the screen. It operates just like an HDMI cable – but the buttons enable presenters to instantly switch – rather than having to disconnect and reconnect a cable when changing presenters.

The new InstaShow S enables four different presenters to be on the screen at the same time, which can help plan meetings and sprint reviews. It also can support mobile devices via an app (as well as a button) and has other features such as centralized management and touchback features when used with interactive displays.

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