What is the Best Wireless 4K HDMI Screen Mirroring System for Effective Collaboration?

Which is the best choice for your collaboration space?

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Best Wireless HDMI Screen Mirroring for Marketing Teams

If you are considering a 4K display for your classrooms or collaboration spaces, here is an overview of the most popular wireless 4K screen mirroring solutions that enable HDMI notebooks and other devices to connect to your display.

BenQ InstaShow S - A Secure Miracast Screen Mirroring Solution

The BenQ InstaShow S is a wireless screen mirroring system that supports Miracast and is designed specifically for corporate and classroom collaboration. While it is more expensive than a basic Miracast dongle you might find in an online store – it offers benefits that will be valuable for any collaboration space – especially one where you don’t want others “listening in” or recording your presentations.

Benefit #1 - Secure 128-bit Encrypted Transmissions

InstaShow uses a 128-bit encrypted stream to ensure the security of your content. You can set up the receiver for different types of WPA encryption depending on your security needs.

Benefit #2 – No connection to your main network is required

Many wireless screen mirroring systems depend on your corporate or classroom network to work effectively. While the InstaShow S can be monitored and managed by the corporate LAN, it doesn’t send the content over your network, eliminating the need for a presenter to login to your network to use the wireless system.

Benefit #3 – Security Certification and Documentation

The InstaShow S has been tested – and certified - against the known and common threats and techniques used by hackers. The unit also comes with a detailed security white paper regarding the architecture and software used to protect your infrastructure from being used to attack your network or having someone on the internet view your content remotely.

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