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BenQ’s new $1499 LH710 Laser projector changes everything

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Projectors are essential for collaboration, and as cNet predicted in 2017 – the future is the laser projector. Yet until recently – the high initial price of these made it impractical for mainstream meeting rooms and huddle spaces. No more. Compared to current popular 4000 lumen models selling today the new BenQ LH710 has:

• 100% Laser light that lasts longer than the Epson 109W with two replacement lamps

• Has twice as many pixels than the Sony VPL-CWZ10 laser projector at the same MSRP

• Eliminates the regular filter cleaning required by the Maxell MP-JW4001

The BenQ LH710 has everything you want for a no-hassle laser projector

While the BenQ LX60ST was first commercial laser projector for sale in the US market, BenQ engineers have been busy working at developing higher quality images and more affordable prices to enable any IT manager to swap out their old legacy projectors and upgrade to a BenQ LH710 4000 lumen laser projector.

BlueCore laser design lasts longer than a Epson 109W – plus two extra replacement lamps

The laser light source eliminates the need for buying and installing replacement lamps. The popular Epson 109W is rated at 6000 hour lamp life – so you will need purchase and install two additional replacement lamps (rated at 5000 hours) to come close the life of the BenQ LH710 laser projector. Don’t forget that all those lamps contain mercury – which requires special recycling in many states according to the EPA. Bottom line – The BenQ is the hassle free choice to a long lasting projector.

Twice as many pixels as the Sony laser projector for the same price

Can you imagine spending the same amount for a 2K TV when the 4K was the same price? The popular Sony VPL-CWZ10 has the same brightness – and price - of the BenQ LH710 – but only half the pixels. The Sony uses traditional LCD panels and can only generate just over 1 million pixels. The Texas Instruments DLP powered BenQ LH710 has over twice as many pixels – and is the same resolution that is found the vast majority of monitors today (maybe the one you are reading this article on). Why settle for older WXGA resolution when you can get the industry standard 1080p at the same price?

Eliminates the projector filter cleaning required in the Maxell MP-JW4001. Forever.

The Maxell MP-JW4001 is a popular 4000 lumen laser projector. But while the projector’s 20,000 hour laser technology eliminates the need to change lamps – you still have to clean or replace your filters. At least every 5000 hours. So if you don’t want to start climbing ladders to clean messy filters – the BenQ LH710 is for you. It is sealed – and certified with the same IP5X certification as the Apple Watch to ensure the projector is protected from the elements without a filter. Just don’t take it swimming.

What you will really love about the BenQ laser projector- color accuracy

One great benefit of the new BenQ laser projectors is that they can deliver spectacular color accuracy. After becoming the market leader in highly accurate photography monitors winning over critics such as Germany’s Ralph Man and fashion photographer Lindsey Adler, BenQ created a color accurate laser projector that makes any logo – or photo – look the way they are intended. With a 92% color accuracy rating using the standard Rec 709 color space, even a difficult logo such as Starbucks looks like it does on the paper cup.

Bottom Line – for $1499 this 4000 lumen laser projector has it all

BenQ is the largest brand of DLP projector in the world, and has crafted the most affordable laser projector without compromising resolution, color accuracy, brightness, and finally gets rid of the hassle of filter cleanings. If you are an IT manager you can also control and manage the projector over the network using license-free BenQ software.

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