Best Road Warrior Desk Lamp That Actually Fits In Your Bag

Most people who work in an office have the benefit of an environment that has been designed and optimized for productivity – including lighting.

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If travel as part of your job, you quickly realize that in order to stay productive on the road – there are certain things you have to have. Outside of the standard laptops and phone chargers, most road warriors have “essential” items, such as noise-canceling headphones, that help you stay focused in a distracting environment.

The new ScreenBar Lite is designed to enable road warriors to carry lighting that is so portable and intelligent, it is worth the small space it takes up in your laptop bag or backpack. The slim and lightweight light bar combines ingenious industrial design and state-of-the-art LED technology to bring the comfort of office lighting to wherever you happen to be - and generating great reviews by the various road warriors out on the web.

Most people who work in an office have the benefit of an environment that has been designed and optimized for productivity – including lighting. But for the road warrior, this is rarely the case. Spreadsheets are created and modified on cramped airplane seats with the lights off, presentations are fine-tuned in hotel rooms, and articles like this are written in crowded airports – none of which have the ideal lighting.

What is it – and how does it work?

The BenQ ScreenBar Lite is an LED desk lamp that clamps to the top of your notebook and creates a confined lighting environment to enable you to see your keyboard, read your paper documents, without any annoying monitor glare, or bothering anyone nearby. Reege’s Tech Reviews explains how it is powered by a simple USB connection, with a special clamp gently grasps the top of your screen that doesn’t block the camera. Once it is connected, the light has an ambient light sensor that will automatically adjust the light output to the correct level – so that when your aisle seat neighbor opens and closes the window – it will dynamically adjust the light output.

BenQ ScreenBar Lighting is the best minimalist desk lighting option
On the plane

Because the lamp is powered from your notebook, the ScreenBar Lite is a comforting travel companion that can be used anywhere. When you want to read a real novel (the paper kind), simply attach it to your notebook and you have exactly the right light you need while in your seat. Reviewers love how the LED lights are specifically designed to eliminate screen glare – which is the biggest problem with the typical overhead seat lights on a plane. Reviewers like HighTech Dad like how you can use this anywhere without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

At the hotel

Speaking of sleep, once you arrive in the hotel rooms the ScreenBar Lite is ideal for evening work without having to light up the whole room. The reviewers at RelaxedTech liked how you can change the color temperature to more relaxing warm tones, and dim the light down so you can get to sleep easier when you are finished. After a couple of times, I found it much easier to manage than trying to find the various switches in an unfamiliar hotel room.

In Your Bag

Unlike a bulky AC powered desk lamp, the ScreenBar Lite travels well. It comes in a small 2-inch tall plastic box that keeps it protected in your laptop bag. If you are a road warrior – or know one – take it from the Gageteer that you will love this little traveling desk lamp.

Relaxed Tech Highly Recommends the BenQ ScreenBar Lighting

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