Annotating on Displays

BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels Feature a Floating Tool Designed to Simplify Digital Annotations

Writing with a finger on a touch screen sounds intuitive, engaging, and simple. Just tap and slide your finger on the screen, but the reality isn’t as exciting or as easy in most cases. Although fingers are great for simple swipes and gestures, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to writing on an interactive flat panel (IFP), they have to be precise. BenQ took that into account when engineering its family of IFPs, which feature not only a more touch-sensitive screen but also an innovative Floating Tool. The Floating Tool is designed to empower users to write on top of any app, video, website, document, or image using their fingers or touch pen. To access the Floating Tool, users simply tap two fingers on the screen or open it from the side menu outside EZWrite. They can choose the mode they need, including a dual pen mode that allows two users to write or draw simultaneously with different colors. Whether using Windows, Mac, Chrome, or Android™, users can take notes on top of any onscreen content and save them for later use. Screen capture lets users capture all of the screen or just a part that they select with their fingers. So what if you have messy, illegible handwriting or clumsy fingers? BenQ has a feature for that.

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