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Top 10 advantages of BenQ Interactive Flat Panels

1. EZWrite 5.0: Cloud-based Collaboration and Annotation
2. Air Quality Sensor to Monitor CO2 Levels
3. Germ-Resistant Screen

Five Ways Interactive Flat Panels Improve Student Engagement

Unique ways interactive flat panel can be used to increase classroom engagement, improving exam scores and retention rates.


How BenQ interactive displays minimize the spread of pathogens in an interactive classroom environment

New interactive learning techniques are rapidly becoming the norm in the effort to boost student performance. But many of the behaviors that are required for group interactive learning can unknowingly spread dangerous pathogens to students, faculty, and their families. This is a relatively new issue in education since the traditional model of using a projector as the primary display limited the physical touching of common objects in the classroom.

What are the Differences and Why You Need One

Interactive Flat Panels and Interactive Whiteboards: What are the Differences and Why You Need One

As early as the 1950s, slide projectors entered use in classrooms to help teachers make their classes more dynamic. Increasingly, teachers have been relying on audio-visual tools to increase in-class interaction, retain the attention of students, and improve syllabus message delivery.

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