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Digital Education

Education and the Digital Transformation: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Problems

The world is getting bigger. There is much more information readily accessible for students. Also, teachers and students are able to connect with more people, collaborating on assignments in ways that were never possible. Students need to be equipped with the skills necessary to collaborate, communicate, and create with distributed teams as well as to work independently on homework.

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Intermediate Deployment of Distance Learning Courses: Online Whiteboards Enrich Interaction Between Teachers and Students with High Quality Online Learning and Teaching Performed in Enhanced Environment

The year 2020 is destined to be unforgettable when taking into account that we are compelled to engage in distance teaching and learning.

4 Reasons EdTech is a MUST-HAVE for Your School

Edtech (Education Technology) not only opens up new opportunities for teacher / student collaboration, but it also increases enrollment, safeguards health, and enables new modes of learning. This is why both governments and private educational institutions are investing heavily in upgrading their technology infrastructures.

Empower teaching staff innovation and student productivity with new display technology

Evolved education tools incorporate the latest smart screens to expedite effective diversification of educational approaches and techniques

Silver ions pioneering antimicrobial defense in classrooms

Interactive touch displays from BenQ assist teachers and students in the achievement of digital competence within the framework of Germany’s DigitalPakt Schule and prevent the spread of pathogenic germs thanks to their coating with silver nanoparticles.

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