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With the interactive displays (IFPs) of the RP series, you can create an appealing learning environment and sustainably increase the students' self-motivation to actively participate in collaborative teaching.


The friendly design of the interactive user interface is appealing and ensures a lot of fun when using the interactive display (IFP). The RP series IFPs from BenQ are available in sizes from 65 "to 86" and with ClassroomCare ™ they show a new way of effective and healthy learning.

Room air sensor
Monitors the CO2 content of the room air

Germ-resistant display
Kills germs immediately on first contact

sustainably protects the eyesight of teachers and students

Eye care technology
The smart eye care technology uses an integrated motion sensor. For a pleasant and comfortable viewing experience, the monitor automatically activates the flicker-free and low blue light features by recognizing the user's movements directly in front of the screen and automatically adjusting its settings.

Germ-resistant display
With every touch, students and teachers leave germs and bacteria on the surface of an interactive display. The germ-resistant screen surface of the RP series from BenQ is provided with a layer of non-toxic, ionized silver, which kills most germs immediately upon contact with the display. This effectively prevents infections and cross-class outbreaks. The antibacterial protective function of the ionized silver does not lose any effect even after frequent cleaning and touching the touch surface.

Educational software

Most schools, universities and educational institutions today are looking for media and technologies that support an interactive and collaborative teaching process. With EZWrite 5 and QTouch, educational institutions are implementing the digital shift to contemporary, innovative teaching with digital support.

EZWrite 5 turns any BenQ interactive flat panel into an interactive whiteboard. Ideas and sketches of ideas, drawings or diagrams can be written or drawn with EZWrite 5 over the entire display area.

Cloud Whiteboard
EZWrite 5 cloud-based whiteboard opens up numerous possibilities for interactive and cloud-based collaboration. With EZWrite 5, notes and recordings between the IFP in the class and the smart devices of teachers and students can be shared, corrected or edited anywhere.

Sharing ideas with “Sticky Notes”
EZWrite 5 offers teachers good opportunities to ask the class questions or tasks that should be worked on and solved in the class group. They are simply transferred to the interactive whiteboard and the students respond in the form of “sticky notes”, digital annotations that they send back to the whiteboard from their own device.

As a software-based annotation solution, QTouch makes it easier for teachers to prepare, edit and repair teaching materials on a Windows PC or notebook. In order to effectively promote collaboration among the entire class, QTouch brings various annotation tools with multi-touch support that facilitate cross-class editing of the content.

EZWrite 5's handwriting recognition recognizes manually created content such as written text or numbers, shapes and drawings and automatically converts it into freely usable content.

The Tool Box of BenQ's interactive displays includes a number of useful tools for effective teaching, such as a calculator, geometry tools or “Team Post” for interactive, collaborative learning.

The interactive displays of the RP series from BenQ offer highly sensitive multi-touch support - ideal for group activities and games with the entire class, which promote effective collaboration.

Save annotations as PDF or PNG files and provide the material for revision in various ways, such as a QR code, printout, via USB or via the internal memory of the IFP.

The interactive displays of the RP series from BenQ have a video recording function with which important contents of the course of the lesson can be recorded and used for later editing or revision.

InstaShare is BenQ's software-based all-round solution for problem-free and convenient collaboration and professional wireless presentations. With InstaShare you can stream audio and video data without a wired network connection, mirror and control various digital content on different IFPs as well as Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows-based PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Account Management Software

The BenQ Account Management System (AMS) makes access to cloud storage accounts and access to various storage locations, such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, considerably easier. Teachers only need to be logged in to their cloud storage while creating a new account.

The management of numerous user profiles, especially at colleges and universities and under strict security conditions, is very time-consuming, even for large IT service companies. The AMS offers a clear and intuitive user interface and considerably simplifies the import and administration of multiple user accounts for the IT service.


Design plays a key role in the development of our interactive displays. Primarily, it is not just about the appearance or the material properties of our interactive displays. The focus is much more on a well-thought-out and functional design, which promotes a fluid course of instruction and significantly improves the cooperation between teachers and students. The housing design of our interactive flat screens therefore also has many smart features that considerably simplify commissioning, control and operation.

The NFC sensor is integrated into the speaker bar on the front of the interactive display. The EZWrite 5 whiteboard app can be started immediately with a simple tap on the NFC pen.

Two loudspeakers with 16 watts each were positioned in the pen holder on the front of the interactive displays to enable even better sound transmission.

The interactive display can be easily switched on and off with the front buttons.

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Lösungen für alle Räumlichkeiten Bildungsinstitute von heute haben sich längst zu interaktiven Lernzentren entwickelt und immer mehr Lehrer, Dozenten und Ausbilder erkennen die Notwendigkeit, interaktive Displays in das moderne Lernumfeld zu integrieren.
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Today's educational institutes have long since developed into interactive learning centers and more and more teachers, lecturers and trainers are recognizing the need to integrate interactive displays into the modern learning environment.

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