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Lösungen für alle Räumlichkeiten Bildungsinstitute von heute haben sich längst zu interaktiven Lernzentren entwickelt und immer mehr Lehrer, Dozenten und Ausbilder erkennen die Notwendigkeit, interaktive Displays in das moderne Lernumfeld zu integrieren.
Solutions for all rooms

Today's educational institutes have long since developed into interactive learning centers and more and more teachers, lecturers and trainers are recognizing the need to integrate interactive displays into the modern learning environment.

Auditorium and lecture hall

Especially in large rooms of different educational institutions, such as seminar rooms, lecture halls or auditoriums of schools,  BenQ's large-scale and Pro AV projectors deliver  an enormous brightness output between 8,000 and 10,000 ANSI lumens. Ideal for high-content and graphically demanding lecture content, which is displayed flawlessly and sharply even from a distance. The interactive displays of the RP series from BenQ - we recommend displays in 86 "for such a room size - are ideal as additional" control "displays that can be combined with the projection image to form a gigantic and interactive video wall.

Interactive classroom

Dynamics, interactivity, mobility, connectivity and fun learning - our projectors for modern classrooms with short throw and ultra short throw functionare perfectly designed for a rather small space, a lot of movement in front of and behind the projector and especially for very short projection distances - Ideal for rooms that are frequently rearranged and therefore require different locations for the projector. The interactive displays of the RP series provide a clear plus in interactivity, promote efficient cooperation and are available in sizes from 65 “to 75“. 

Functional space

Laboratory and functional rooms, in which courses or seminars for smaller groups of participants take place, present the technology with similar challenges as the interactive classrooms of secondary levels I and II. Depending on the size and space available, our installation projectors offer a high brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens Enormous light intensity, which ensures crystal-clear and flawless image display even in brightly lit surroundings. In combination with the highly functional interactive displays of the RP series each functional room can be transformed into an interactive, efficient, space-saving and pleasant learning environment. Of course, we offer with our short-distance projectorsAn adequate projection solution even for significantly smaller functional spaces with only a very small amount of space. 

Multimedia room

BenQ also offers adequate solutions for collaborative collaboration on multimedia-strong projects within smaller technical rooms.  Our laser projectors display high-resolution images, graphics or video formats in true color and in brilliant 4K UHD resolution. Complemented by interactive displays from the RP series from BenQ, a graphically sophisticated, functional and interactive project environment can be created.

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