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Learning 2.0 at the Educational Center in Friesenheim

The new flat screens with Wi-Fi connection complement the lessons in a sensible way and have quickly become a valued tool of the teaching staff. For example, lessons at an elementary school continue to consist primarily of reading, writing and arithmetic, although it is often helpful if what is said can also be visualized with a video or interactive graphic. In addition, teachers can now use their iPads in conjunction with the Apple Airplay integrated in the display as a mobile document camera and flexible presentation tool.

Woodmansterne School puts interactivity at the heart of learning, London, UK

A brand new, state-of-the-art secondary school implements a unified, easy-to-use interactive teaching solution

Bringing Multi-Touch Classroom Interactivity To British International School Riyadh

The BenQ displays have been a major upgrade over the school’s previous classroom display technology. Teachers now actively integrate the displays into their lesson plans, while students are constantly eager to interact with the displays and their multi-touch capability. IT staff has also been extremely impressed by the displays’ ease of setup and use.

On The Way To The Digital Classroom - The Eldenburg Grammar School

The Eldenburg Grammar School in Lübz is currently attended by 460 students from the city of Lübz and the surrounding municipalities. Classes take place in 20 classrooms and three computer rooms. The school has a total of 93 computers and two mobile laptop carts. Since the technical equipment of the Grammar School has in fact not been modernized since it was founded in 2008, there was a need for action. The clear objective was that the systems should be identical in all classrooms and that they should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible for teachers and students to use

Building a unified technology solution for one of Australia’s leading grammar schools

A top private school finds in BenQ a single solution provider to unify their school’s technology campus-wide, including their office monitors, auditorium, classroom, and corporate meeting room.

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