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Connectivity in the Meeting Room

Meeting and conference rooms are the places where strategies are presented, and important deals are closed. With so many people connecting their devices to share information, it is vitally important to find a connectivity solution that keeps everyone connected. There are many options to connect wirelessly or via cable. This page explains how you can connect your device to a display both ways - via cable and wirelessly while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of both.

With Cables

Cables are the most traditional way to connect your device to a display. We explain how to connect devices with cables.

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Compatible with multiple devices, InstaShow only takes one click to start your wireless presentation. After initial setup, no additional steps are needed to use InstaShow with any HDMI-capable device, which includes adapters (for example DVI to HDMI). A fully hardware-level wireless presentation system with no dependence on software or apps, InstaShow further doesn't require access to corporate network connections, and thus protects your company secrets and intellectual property from eavesdropping, ensured by 128-bit AES encryption. 

Wireless Presentation System BenQ InstaShow
Fast, Easy & Worry-Free Wireless Presentation System

BenQ InstaShow helps you carry out wireless presentation in a matter of seconds. No hassle and no precious time wasted.