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Bring Your Own Device to the Meeting—Really

  • BenQ
  • 2019-11-21
BenQ’s InstaShare Lets Users Share Content from their Screen Easily
BenQ InstaShow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD has become the new norm. Employees and guests walk into their meetings everyday with their own personal devices, but there’s uncertainty surrounding whether or not a device will be compatible with the workplace ecosystem. This isn’t just problematic, it’s unproductive.

BenQ InstaShare App

BenQ’s InstaShare is designed to eliminate the compatibility issues of the BYOD workplace. The software-based solution for multi-user collaboration allows users to wirelessly share content from their own devices to BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels (IFP). Users on the same VLAN can share or cast their screen with ease. With InstaShare’s two-way mirroring feature, users can also mirror content from a personal device to BenQ IFPs and vice versa. They can also share content to all the devices in a meeting.

Adding more flexibility, it supports two-way touch on Windows and MacOS platforms, granting the ability to control what is displayed using either a BenQ IFP or personal device. With this level of flexibility, companies can increase productivity and efficiency. It also enables up to four devices to share their screen to the IFP simultaneously, eliminating the limitation of only sharing one screen at a time and increasing the natural flow of collaboration among a team. The meeting host can select which screen to focus on and which device’s audio to play at a touch of a button.

InstaShare supports iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Chrome OS. The result is an organization where employees can enjoy a truly BYOD environment with better communications and idea sharing.

BenQ InstaShow Features and Benefits