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Identifying the Best Display for Healthcare Meetings

  • BenQ
  • 2021-08-18
Healthcare environments are on the fast-track of visualization and collaboration leadership, utilizing the most advanced technologies available to operate smoothly and support the healthcare needs of patients efficiently. One area of concern is meeting room and digital signage displays that are used to relay critical information, from vaccine coordination to X-ray, lab works, and video and images. No longer are patients and doctors meeting only in-person but remotely as well. This shift demands displays that are ready out of the box to support any system and workflow without multiple steps or a steep learning curve.
BenQ Smart Signage ST series enable healthcare organization to conduct safe and efficient meetings.

Doctors and staff need presentation flexibility

They need to be able to access, share, and play content from their laptop or mobile devices wirelessly, work directly from the display without a laptop or mobile device, or connect and share documents and video from USB flash drive. In addition, they need to be able to support video conferencing without a laptop. As the perfect solution, BenQ offers the all-in-one 4K UHD ST series smart displays. They are designed to enable in-person and remote meetings with incredible flexibility. Users can choose how they share to screen: utilizing BenQ’s InstaShare two-way wireless screen mirroring and two-way touch control platform; working directly from the screen without a laptop or mobile device, thanks to the built-in Android OS; or plugging in a USB flash drive to access and play multimedia files directly. InstaShare eliminates the need to install expensive video distribution systems that take time to connect and learn or separate non-integrated screen mirroring systems. With InstaShare, users connect their device to the screen wirelessly, with up to four users present to the screen at the same time. Two-way touch control is supported on Windows and macOS computers, which means users can control their computer from the display or control the display from their computer.

Video conferencing is a must

ST displays allow users to start video meetings with a simple click. The OPS slot-in PC is fully compatible with top video conferencing solutions such as Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex. TeamViewer Meeting is also pre-installed. The ST Series is also available as an all-in-one video conferencing bundle featuring BenQ’s new enterprise-grade DVY21 compact full HD huddle room webcam, DVY22 smart 4K camera for midsize meeting rooms, or DVY23 20X zoom PTZ camera for large conference rooms; Meeting Room 365 license to quickly and easily reserve meeting rooms right from the display; and a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter.

Smart displays will double as digital signage

Digital signage is a much-needed service in healthcare facilities for wayfinding and information dissemination. The ST Series features BenQ’s X-Sign Content Management and Broadcast Software, providing organizations the ability to edit, manage, and customize signage content without paying digital signage service fees. It is capable of pushing alerts, messages, and announcements to any BenQ screen in the building, including scheduled broadcasts, live streamed and YouTube videos, and broadcasts to specific groups. Healthcare innovation driving new possibilities in care. The BenQ ST smart signage display supports organizations in ensuring they’re reaching new standards in all areas of in-person and new telehealth services.

BenQ Smart Signage ST series is a much-needed service in healthcare facilities.