Prepare Your School Ready for Interactive Distance Learning
  • BenQ
  • 2020-04-15

When facing the uncertainty of the external environment and government policy, the school needs to plan and react promptly to ensure curriculum and learning progress. Here are the recommended tools for you to consider when designing an interactive and collaborative digital teaching and learning platform.

Distance Learning When the School is Closed

Online Teaching and Learning at Home with EZWrite Live

  • Web-based whiteboarding and video conferencing* without installing additional software
  • Supports online whiteboarding, sticky notes for remote interactions and collaborations
  • Flexible learners control over Broadcast and Co-Creation modes
  • Perfect for teaching and learning at home with laptops and tablets 

*Suggest pairing with your own video conferencing software like Zoom for group video conferencing.

Interactive and Collaborative Distance Learning Begins with EZWrite Live

Distance Learning When the School Operates

Join the Same Lesson from Home with EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard

  • Pair with Zoom to broadcast the lesson to students when they are at home
  • Real-time collaborations with in-class teacher and students using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard
  • Use Video Recording on BenQ Interactive Flat Panel to record tutorial videos
  • Supports online whiteboarding, sticky notes for real-time interactions

Four Unique Tools Make Lessons Fun and Collaborative

Co-Creation: everyone collaborates on the same project

Scenario Templates: create interactive learning

Sticky Notes:real-time quiz and brainstorms

File Sharing: multiple files sharing to the same screen at once

Highly Compatible with Popular Platforms

Online-Based Software Makes Everything Work

  • Video Conferencing: Zoom, Blizz, Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams
  • Teaching Tools: OKTOPUS Standalone, DisplayNote, Seesaw, TeamViewer
  • Web Browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox*

Requires a AMS or IAM account to host a session. (click here to learn how)