Dustproof Technology: A Panacea for Projector Issues

  • BenQ
  • 2017-12-04

Pollution trackers have said that with the amount of PM 2.5 and PM 10 hitting dangerous levels, breathing in this noxious air is worse than smoking 50 cigarettes a day. In New Delhi, levels of PM 2.5, the particles most damaging to health, have reached 40 times the WHO's safe limit.

If you think that your edtech hardware investment is immune to this rising pollution, we would like to tell you that you’re mistaken. To add to this, most school playgrounds don’t have grass on them and are very dusty. These playgrounds are either on the sides or at the center of the campus and when windows / doors of classrooms are kept open, the dust levels in classrooms rise exponentially. This is why indoor environments at educational institutions have a higher concentration of dust than outdoor environments.

See why dust is so damaging to your edtech investment!

According to extensive research, the pollution and dust levels in the subcontinent have led to a number of projector issues in the past decade. In response to these issues, premier edtech providers have developed dustproof technology which can act as a magic bullet for all projector issues caused by pollution.

1.Avoid Projector Breakdown

In a classroom situation where using AV equipment is the primary method of teaching, it is very important for projector breakdown to be minimised. In this highly noxious environment there are several types of harmful dusts like chalk, dust, pollen, hari, cotton fiber, soot, road dust and sand dust. An accumulation of these will occur on the internal parts of the projector which can lead to overheating and signal detection failure. This will eventually result in the breakdown of the projector. Thus, it is very important to dustproof projectors to safeguard them against dust damage.

2.Say No to Picture Quality Deterioration

Have you ever marvelled at the projection quality in your classroom just when the projector has been installed?

But not long after, have you lamented the distorted colours and reduced brightness?

You are not alone in this! Often due to accumulation of dust on the internal parts and color wheel sensors, there can be a deterioration in image quality which can impact the overall classroom experience.

3.Steer Clear of Rising Maintenance Costs

When a projector breaks down or there is a dip in picture quality due to dust accumulation, there is an inherent cost associated with the maintenance work that needs to be undertaken. A lot of institutions may not think that a maintenance service every few months can cost much, but this routine and frequent servicing can add up to some big numbers over the long run.

While non-dustproof projectors may be marginally cheaper than dustproof projectors, there is a much higher maintenance cost attached to them.

All the points mentioned above add to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a projector. With a dustproof projector, you may be faced with a slightly higher price tag, owing to the cutting edge technology, but your TCO will be much lower.

The choice is obvious to us, but is it to you?