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InstaShow S versus Airtame2

The InstaShow S is an ideal Airtame2 screen mirroring alternative because of its easy setup and it enables a visitor to start presenting in just seconds.

BenQ InstaShow S Wireless Presentation System
What is the difference between the Airtame2 and InstaShow S

Wireless presentation systems have significant cost and ergonomic advantages over traditional conference room control systems and are ideal for small to medium-size meeting rooms and huddle spaces. While products like Chromecast and Apple TV are popular home devices, they medium-size for use in a meeting room. Both the InstaShow and AirTame2 are collaboration systems that support multiple presenters in a corporate or educational environment.

According to a Commercial Integrator end-user survey, over 60% of customers evaluating wireless presentation systems highlighted want a highly flexible system. Most corporate meeting rooms use simple transmitter buttons that plugs into your notebook’s HDMI or USB-C port while others like to use wireless apps and standard streaming protocols such as AirPlay to wirelessly mirror their device to a projector or flat panel display. So how do these two popular systems stack up in areas that matter most?

To compare these systems, let us look at three major areas important to both the IT staff and meeting room users.

  • • How easy are these systems to set up and install?
  • • How effective is the system for collaboration?
  • • How secure are these systems?

BenQ InstaShow S WDC-20

The InstaShow is designed to install right out of the box in less than 10 minutes without IT support. The user connects the receiver to a projector or display and then plugs in the button to their notebook HDMI or USB-C port to start presenting. Testing by the publication My Tech Decisions indicated it took only a few minutes to connect and use. The InstaShow S can also connect using standard streaming protocols Miracast and Airplay, as well as BenQ’s InstaShare app that runs on.

BenQ InstaShow S Wireless Presentation System Plug-n-Play

The AirTame2 system utilizes both an application on the notebook and typically uses the enterprise WiFi network to transmit the video to the AirTame2 device. While the AirTame2 can be set up on a standalone basis, the hubs are usually integrated into the corporate network according to the network integration guide. AirTame2 recommends an excess of bandwidth or Quality of Service (QoS) adjustments to handle the increased traffic load during meetings.

AirTame2 also has other specific networking and performance requirements from the enterprise network, including:

  • • Client Isolation” or “NAT Mode” must be disabled on the network
  • • Multicast must be allowed on the network
  • • An NTP server must be accessible for time synchronization
  • • RSSI Performance: less than 60dbm
  • • Stable Peak Hour Ping Time performance of less than 10ms

How effective are they for collaboration?

Huddle spaces and smaller meeting rooms are where much of the critical collaboration work is done in companies. These are areas that often host vendors, consultants, and other outside visitors where ideas need to flow quickly to keep the creative processes flowing. So which of these two wireless systems are more effective for collaboration?

How fast can visitors and employees connect?

The InstaShow S enables presenters to connect in seconds quickly – however, they want. Both visitors and employees can connect to a display in seconds with an InstaShow button – without running software. If they want to connect wirelessly, they can either use Airplay, Miracast, or the BenQ Instashare app to connect to their display without a button.

By contrast, the Airtame system requires users to log into the network, then run the Airtame software from their notebook. For visitors with “locked down” notebooks, they may not be able to install the app -which could impact the flow of the meeting. For employees, IT managers need to ensure that they have deployed and updated the latest version of the app – and everyone is trained on how to use it.

How many presenters on display?

The InstaShow S enables up to four presenters to share their screen – on a single display. They can use either a button or a wireless protocol such as Airplay or the InstaShare app. InstaShow displays each presenter screen at 1080p resolution to ensure that you can see the details of each screen

By contrast, the Airtame system only allows one user to present at a time,

What is the image quality?

The InstaShow S can display up to 4K resolution, making it the perfect match for new laser projectors and interactive flat panels. When used in multi-presenter mode, each screen is formatted at 1080p resolution. InstaShow can also deliver smooth video up to 60 frames per second with virtually no lag.

The Airtame2 only displays 1080p resolution and does not have a multipresenter option. For video, the system is dependent on the corporate or campus performance, and to achieve frame rates up to 24 frames per second, the system incorporates a lag of up to one second between the notebook and projector or flat panel. Frame rates higher than this must be manually configured.

Can they use Interactive projectors and flat panels?

For collaboration rooms with interactive projectors or flat panel displays, the InstaShow S can support control and annotations with Windows notebooks. Now when you mark up a presentation on the screen – you can capture that in your notebook, Airtame2 does not offer any touchback support for interactive displays.

How does each wireless system address security concerns?
BenQ InstaShow S

Software Risk

None. The InstaShow does not require any software to be installed onto the laptop or network to work, enabling locked down computers to use the system as they would a standard cable.

Content Encryption

The InstaShow transmitter and host uses advanced 128-bit encryption to ensure that each presentation transmission cannot be captured or recorded by unauthorized external or internal users. The LAN port on the host is for configuration only and does not transmit any presentation information over the internet.

Enterprise Network Login

None. The InstaShow creates a closed wireless network that can be hidden from public view. The unit does not need to be connected to any other network to operate. The unit can be connected to the corporate LAN for centralized management using the BenQ DMS software at no cost.

Internet Exposure

None. The BenQ InstaShow does not send any account or other information over the internet via the cloud or third party services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Software Risk

Visitors must use the AirTame2 software application to use the system. Visitors with “locked down” notebooks may not be able to use the system. IT may need to approve the application.

Content Encryption

According to the security page on the AirTame2 website, the system DOES NOT encrypt the transmissions from the computer to the AirTame2 receiver to ensure that each presentation transmission cannot be captured or recorded by unauthorized external or internal users on the network.

Enterprise Network Login

The AirTame system requires visitors and employees to login to the same network that is hosting the AirTame2 receiver. This network must meet specific requirements for certain features, such as multicasting. Airtame does not support some network security functions such as Captive Portal networks and WEP.

Internet Exposure

Airtame uses cloud and third-party services such as Amazon to send account and other information over the internet. According to AirTame2, user account and password information are stored on an AWS server hosted in Germany.

Comparison Table

Product Encrypted Transmissions Require App on Notebooks Enterprise Network Internet Exposure
BenQ InstaShow
Encrypted Transmissions


128-bit encryption

Require App on Notebooks
Enterprise Network
Optional-Monitoring Only
Internet Exposure
Encrypted Transmissions
Require App on Notebooks
Enterprise Network
Typical - must login to the same network as AirTame
Internet Exposure
Account and Password information stored on an external server


While the InstaShow has a higher MSRP than AirTame2 it does have many advantages. The BenQ InstaShow delivers a wireless presentation system that is easy to install and setup without IT support and enables a visitor to start presenting in just seconds – without any software hassles. This plug and play solution can save hours on network installation time and costs, as well as the overhead of deploying and maintaining the software on each user notebook. While the Airtame2 does not encrypt its transmissions over the network, the BenQ InstaShow’s advanced encryption and other security features protect both visitors and companies from the unauthorized internal or external recording of sensitive presentations. Additionally, the InstaShow buttons and tabletop holder have won both the iF Design and Good Design awards for beauty and functionality, demonstrating that it not only works well, but it will also add style and class to your meeting space, For more information on the InstaShow, go to www.benq.com