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What is Meet for Jamboard?

Meet for Jamboard brings full-screen video conferencing (Hangouts Meet) to Google's collaborative digital whiteboard (Jamboard). This feature combines the two most important tools for collaboration: whiteboarding and video conferencing.

Users can whiteboard and video conference simultaneously, and seamlessly switch between the two views. On the Jamboard, users can either present a jam session directly or share their camera with other participants. Meanwhile, participants can present their screens or share their cameras from their own devices as well.

As businesses expand to include more locations, they find themselves increasingly relying on tools such as this for collaboration between buildings, cities, and countries. Video conferencing technology is constantly evolving to meet the demands of businesses with new features such as integrated calendar software, one-touch join, and screen presentation.

1. Deliver Powerful Remote Presentations


Delivering effective in-person presentations are difficult enough. Keeping everyone engaged during remote presentations can be even more of a challenge. It's always good practice to mix things up: video conferencing to introduce yourself, a slide deck to present your content, and whiteboarding to explain concepts in detail.

Jamboard makes all of this possible. Using Meet for Jamboard, presenters can showcase information in multiple formats, switching between video-conferencing, whiteboarding, and presenting screens. While presenting slides is nothing new, Jamboard's whiteboarding feature brings in an interactive element that is usually absent from traditional presentations, as it allows participants to interact with the material.

Using Google Drive and the Jamboard companion app, presenters can upload, move, and resize different images or documents. They can annotate directly on top of them to highlight information and draw attention to key points. The best part is, participants can see everything that’s happening directly on their personal devices in real time.

As for remote participants, they can have the video conference open in one window while simultaneously using the Jamboard companion app in another window. This allows them to see, listen, and participate directly in the presentation.

2. Provide Distance Training


Organizing workshops between different offices can be very time-consuming, not only for HR staff but also for training teams. They may have to give the same introduction and present the same material dozens of times to various teams across different regions or even countries, which increases travel expenses for the company.

Using the Meet for Jamboard, trainers can offer interactive workshops to multiple locations simultaneously. Employees from different offices can then join remotely from mobile devices, personal computers, or from other Jamboards to share different perspectives from around the world.

Jam participants can not only see trainers and other attendees, but they can also participate in workshop content. Better still, Google’s 900,000 servers worldwide minimize lag and ensure the best possible call quality. This way, it feels as if everyone were in the same room, allowing participants to interact naturally.

What’s more, everything that’s designed, annotated, and imported is automatically saved in Google Drive and can be conveniently forwarded by email.

3. Recruit New Talent


With simultaneous video conferencing and whiteboarding, Jamboard offers an alternative way of engaging and evaluating potential employees, making sure that your candidates aren’t limited by location.

Video conferencing allows hiring managers to get to know the candidate’s soft skills, then real-time collaborative whiteboarding can be used to assess technical ability. During an interview for a software engineering position, recruiters can upload different documents for candidates to review, or they can write coding problems directly onto the board for candidates to solve in real-time.

The two techniques combined provide employers with more information, allowing them to better evaluate candidates before deciding to move forward with the hiring process.


Meet for Jamboard allows companies to do more by combining remote collaboration with video conferencing for a seamless experience. Participants can share ideas and communicate as if everyone were in the same room. This helps facilitate communication between remote teams, accelerate project deadlines, improve training, and recruit the best talent regardless of location.

It’s easy to see why Google Jamboard is quickly replacing other forms of office technology, such as projectors and traditional whiteboards. Changes such as this serve as an example of what happens when meeting room technology adapts to the demands of today and prepares employees for the problems of tomorrow.


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