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Three key ways to unleash your workforce’s potential using Google technologies like Jamboard, Hangouts Meet Hardware and G Suite.

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Three Ways to Attract and Retain Talent with Google Technology

High performers are 800% more productive in highly complex occupations, as is shown in the latest McKinsey report, which emphasizes the importance of hiring star professionals.1 With this in mind, have you considered the role technology plays in employee recruitment and retention?


The connected generation expects businesses to provide the tools necessary for them to do their jobs effectively, meaning that organizations not prepared for a digital transformation will struggle to retain their best talent. According to a Google survey of 150 C-Suite individuals in the UK, 25% of respondents were concerned about attracting talent, while 21% feared losing talent once onboard.2


Today’s talent considers a company’s technology infrastructure when choosing jobs.

Investing in the best productivity tools for your workforce shows both current and potential employees how much you value their abilities. Below are the top three technologies you need to find and retain talent that will help improve your business.  

1. G Suite: For Remote Collaboration and Employee Flexibility

G Suite integrates smoothly into employees’ working lives.

Implementing a security policy for remote workers is a necessity for many businesses. When employees are unable to access their work materials while they’re not at work, they often feel frustrated. In the long term, this decreases productivity and impacts their commitment to the company.


Apart from minimizing infrastructure expenses, G Suite productivity apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs empower your workforce to collaborate remotely. Knowing that work files and company emails can be accessed outside the office allows anyone to do their best work from anywhere.

There is also the work adjustment factor. Media enterprise McClatchy says G Suite helps new employees get up to speed much faster than their legacy productivity suite. This is because the high adoption rate of G Suite in higher education removes the company’s need for training new graduates, which allows new hires to immediately start working and collaborating with other employees.3


Also, G Suite integrates smoothly into working lives since it can easily be installed on any personal mobile device without VPN headaches. Companies can then utilize the Google Device Policy manager to ensure that the proprietary data on the personal devices are safeguarded.


G Suite productivity apps allow employees to directly integrate personal devices into their work, creating a more seamless work-life balance and making your company much more appealing for prospective talent.

G Suite offers a frictionless collaboration experience and instant integration with an employee’s personal technology.

2. Hangouts Meet Hardware: For Meaningful Communication 

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware is a comprehensive collaboration solution.

It is not surprising how much stress a malfunctioning conferencing system can cause employees who regularly conduct conference calls and presentations with remote team members. This stress can compound any possible dissatisfaction with management that is not equipping staff with tools they need to effectively complete other tasks, which will, in turn, lead to loss of talent.


Google Hangouts Meet Hardware resolves this problem with the power of G Suite. The hardware kit is a comprehensive all-in-one meeting room solution that includes a touchscreen, speaker mic, camera, and Chromebox.

It works seamlessly with Google Calendar to keep employees engaged every step of the way – from inviting participants to finding a big enough room. It eliminates the need for staff to bring in their own hardware, such as webcams or microphones. By removing these small technological roadblocks, employees save time and are free to address more pressing issues. 

McClatchy has equipped nearly all of their meeting spaces with Hangout Meets Hardware, which they say makes meetings with partners in other countries more meaningful and effective for staff because participants can see reactions and understand each other better.32


The entire setup makes it easy for employees to establish real connections wherever they are in the world and building a robust meeting room solution is certain to increase confidence in your company’s future for prospective talent.  

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware helps your staff build a video-first work culture that creates engaging connections with remote colleagues.

3. Jamboard: For Enhanced, More Democratized Idea Generation

Jamboard features free employees to collaborate more easily.

Traditional whiteboards are outdated and a hindrance to business efficiency. Besides requiring “do not erase” signs and endless picture taking, legacy whiteboards shut anyone not in the room out of the creative process. Google launched a digital whiteboard that addresses these issues by providing a truly collaborative platform: the Jamboard.


Jamboard lets employees access Google Drive from anywhere and seamlessly pull Google Docs, Sheets, Slides as well as any PDFs or images into the meeting. Teams can even give each participant the option to grant viewing or editing privileges.


Using built-in tools like sticky notes, everyone can give their feedback and participate in the discussion. This puts employees of all levels, locations, and personality types on equal footing and makes sure no innovative ideas are missed. Additionally, Jamboard is the only interactive whiteboard solution that automatically saves its content to the cloud, providing remote file access so that staff can reopen files at any time.

Broadcom, a global leader in semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, noticed that staff saw the value of Jamboard and proactively used the solution to enhance their job performance.4 By providing the right technological tools, you help develop teamwork and contribution among employees, which benefits the production of creative ideas that otherwise would have gone unheard. 

Jamboard opens up the creative potential that your staff was not even aware of.

Investing in Google productivity tools to create a digitalized workspace is a clear signal to your employees of just how much you value their ideas and collaboration. Also, allowing employees to seamlessly integrate their personal devices into the professional environment facilitates more flexible working styles and better communication.


Combining this with a collaborative solution that encourages safe, creative meeting spaces, allows employees to confidently be themselves and share their ideas, which creates more room for star talent to showcase their abilities.


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