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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Adding Value to Your Digital Workplace: Three Ways to Use Google Jamboard

Companies are now relying more heavily on tools and technologies that enable them to do business anywhere in the world. This means IT managers face the challenging task of finding cost-effective tools that optimize distributed team work...

Saving Vital Resources with the Google Jamboard

You have already successfully migrated your company to a G Suite-based architecture. Now you, as an IT manager, are wondering what other Google tools are available to further enhance productivity, innovation, and save company resources. Enter the Jamboard, Google’s G Suite integrated whiteboard designed to simplify and improve collaboration between teams...

Adopting Google technology significantly increases staff satisfaction.
Three Ways to Digitalize Your Office with Google: Discover the Tools to Free Your Workforce

Digitalization is important to companies and what technologies are implemented directly impacts a company’s success. Take a moment to evaluate your organization’s level of digital maturity by asking yourself...

Today’s talent considers a company’s technology infrastructure when choosing jobs.
Three Ways to Attract and Retain Talent with Google Technology

High performers are 800% more productive in highly complex occupations, as is shown in the latest McKinsey report, which emphasizes the importance of hiring star professionals. With this in mind, have you considered the role technology plays in employee recruitment and retention?

Tips from a Creative Director
Tips from a Creative Director: The Future of Integration in Advertising

One of the biggest frustrations in advertising is how much the proposal changes with each stakeholder. Everyone thinks they know what the client wants and they continuously change their ideas only to realize that the client has a very different direction in mind....

Tips from a Creative Director: Maximize Your Brainstorming Productivity

I faced a ton of challenges as a rookie creative director. Some were expected, others caught me completely by surprise, keeping my team motivated was a real challenge.

Tips from a Creative Director: How Technology Increases Our Employee Engagement

When I first started working in advertising, I noticed just how busy everyone was. Someone would be rushing to get to a meeting, hurrying to a film shoot, or frantically finding props for a set.

Tips from a Creative Director: Give Your Big Ideas Room to Grow

We were tasked with designing a brand campaign site, which quickly spiralled into an organizational nightmare. The site would have hundreds of pages, and multiple customer journeys.

Tips from a Creative Director: Endless Creativity Comes from Ever-changing Creative Ways

Now digital whiteboard can help your creative team develop new ideas more seamlessly, and with the function of finding creative inspiration online and collaborate directly on digital whiteboard...

Tips from a Creative Director: Brainstorm from Anywhere

All of our brainstorming sessions begin and end with a whiteboard. It’s a perfect tool to present and develop new ideas, but only if you’re in the same room with the whiteboard. Sharing an idea on a whiteboard means taking pictures of the whiteboard...

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