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Jamboard Resources

Learn more about the Google Jamboard and how it can change the way you work

Customer Stories

Explore the below practical Jamboard customer stories from a wide variety of companies and industries.

Leeds City College Creates Independent Learning Environment with Google Jamboard

Leeds City College is one of the largest Further Education institutions in the United Kingdom and operates out of three main campuses, as well as having provisions in smaller community centres across Leeds

Save that thought: How Instrument uses Jamboard to Capture and Share Ideas

We all brainstorm differently. As Avi Couillard, a Senior Strategist at the digital agency Instrument , puts it: “Some people need to noodle on an idea, some need to converse with their team about it, and some need to visit it on their own terms.”

PATH Architecture and Google Jamboard

"The biggest hurdle in our industry is overcoming the status quo. Here at PATH we're all about embracing change."

Featured Articles

Discover all of the latest user scenarios, solutions, and industry trends related to Google Jamboard.

Adding Value to Your Digital Workplace: Three Ways to Use Google Jamboard

Companies are now relying more heavily on tools and technologies that enable them to do business anywhere in the world. This means IT managers face the challenging task of finding cost-effective tools that optimize distributed team work.

Tips from a Creative Director: The Future of Integration in Advertising

One of the biggest frustrations in advertising is how much the proposal changes with each stakeholder. Everyone thinks they know what the client wants and they continuously change their ideas only to realize that the client has a very different direction in mind.

Tips from a Creative Director: Maximize Your Brainstorming Productivity

I faced a ton of challenges as a rookie creative director. Some were expected, others caught me completely by surprise, keeping my team motivated was a real challenge. I expected every person to bring a ton of ideas to the table and willingly discuss ...

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