Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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BenQ Smart Lighting

Light Up the World with Design

2024 International Design Day Campaign


Celebrated annually on April 27th since 1995, International Design Day (IDD) has aimed to encourage human beings to explore more about issues of our living world and how we can solve them creatively through design.


BenQ Smart Lighting
as a Design Pioneer


In 2017, BenQ Smart Lighting Team achieved a significant milestone by developing the world's first monitor light bar, BenQ ScreenBar. This breakthrough highlights our dedication to advanced research and development, the foundation for our high-quality products and ongoing pursuit of creative design.
As a vital part of BenQ, a global technology leader, BenQ Smart Lighting aligns with its core message of "Tech Driven Comfort." Positioned at the forefront of innovation, we address various lighting needs by creating solutions that improve environments while prioritizing eye care—a true embodiment of the brand's essence.


How has the design of ScreenBar helped the screen users?

*adapted from Amazon Customer Review


Light Up the World
with Design


Since 2023, BenQ Smart Lighting has been organizing the campaign named Light Up the World with Design to celebrate the International Design Day. We will invite designers from different fields to share about how they think designs can bring changes to the world.  
We hope that through this event, people can ponder how designs are able to help boost human health and well-being.


Get Inspired by Our Partner Designers


Check out the sharings by our partner designers on how designs can bring changes to the world, and how BenQ ScreenBar Halo and LaptopBar has helped with their design workflow.

Andrea Marquez

Art Director, Web Designer and Content Creator

Angela Ryu

3D Artist and Content Creator at Ryu XR Studio

Barbiana Liu

Brand & Web Designer

Derya Akbayrak

Brand and Web Designer

Jen L Design 

Brand Designer

Katrina Wold


Kelly Badak

Creative Agency Owner

Mimi B

Illustrator & Motion Designer



Stephen Williams

Graphic Designer

Thomas J Stevens

Branding Specialist

*The designers are listed in alphabetical order.


ScreenBar Halo

Say Halo to an Unrivalled Lighting Experience


As a design pioneer of monitor light bar, we have kept refining ourselves to provide the best products, and therefore BenQ ScreenBar Halo was born.
ScreenBar Halo comes with an exclusive backlight for bias lighting, and the real asymmetrical optics ensures zero screen glare but at the same time lights up the whole work station. Its high compatibility with different types of monitors also sets itself apart from others.
With ScreenBar Halo, you can enjoy a more comfortable and productive experience, without sacrificing your eye health.



Enjoy the Comfort of Light at All Times


In 2023, we introduce the world's first dual-form light bar: BenQ LaptopBar. This pioneering laptop lighting solution combines ultimate portability with a lightweight design, perfectly fitting into your pocket.
LaptopBar isn't just a light; it's a reimagination of illumination. Through an intricate process involving 20 million beam simulations, we created a 3D surrounding illumination that brings together central brightness and ambient light. This design reduces the contrast between your screen and surroundings, offering optimal eye comfort during prolonged work sessions with your laptop.



We are thrilled to collaborate with like-minded companies who share our passion for creating exceptional products, and who are equally committed to advancing innovation and design.
Together, we are holding a giveaway to celebrate the IDD, and we would like to invite you to share about your thoughts on how design can bring changes to the world.

*Please refer to the giveaway post on BenQ Lighting’s Instagram account for more details.


Check out the prizes!

*The prizes provided by the sponsors are arranged in alphabetical order according to the brand names.

ScreenBar Halo Monitor Light x1

ScreenBar Halo is a must-have for all computer users, offering ASYM-Light™ technology to illuminate work areas without screen glare, reducing eye strain and boosting productivity. Its integrated backlight provides soft light to balance screen brightness and ambient dimness. Users can select from three lighting modes—front light, backlight, or both—for a personalized experience. Easily installed on various monitors, its built-in sensor ensures optimal 500lx brightness according to room lighting. The premium wireless controller provides effortless adjustment of light settings from the comfort of your seat, enhancing workspace convenience and eye comfort.

LaptopBar Laptop Light x1

LaptopBar is the ultimate solution for portable lighting. With its advanced 3D surrounding illumination, it helps improve screen-ambient contrast for extended laptop use comfort. Its auto-dimming feature adapts to brightness preferences and ambient changes. Magnetic attachment ensures secure connection without webcam obstruction or screen damage. Lightweight and portable, with up to 160 minutes of battery life, it's perfect for on-the-go use. The adjustable arm also provides tailored lighting: expanded for ambient illumination or folded for focused tasks, enhancing laptop work efficiency and comfort.

MOD007B PC Santorini x1

The MOD007B PC Santorini keyboard is inspired by the Greek paradise. It features the latest magnetic switches technology, with features like Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS), and Rapid Trigger (RT) to ensure lightning-fast responses in FPS. With magnetic switches, the actuation is fully customizable from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. Moreover, you are able to enjoy seamless connectivity via 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, or USB-C wired options, supported by a 3600mAh rechargeable battery for uninterrupted usage. Let's merge style with performance seamlessly with MOD007B PC Santorini.

Spyder X2 Elite x1

Spyder X2 Elite’s re-engineered software provides a more concise UI (user interface) experience. Its lens-based sensor is ideal for users looking for faster, high-accuracy color calibration. The new Spyder X2 Elite software provides color customization and control with the accuracy, ease-of use and flexibility for which Spyder is renowned. For users considering entering the high-brightness monitor market, X2 Elite allows for seamless, affordable upgrade to Spyder X2 Ultra software.

Single Monitor Arm x1

Hexcal's Single Monitor Arm is designed for complete control over your monitor’s positioning. Whether you're tackling a mountain of emails or immersing yourself in an all-night gaming session, you can easily find the ideal angle for your posture and comfort. Engineered for optimal performance and precision, it is adjustable, allowing for a more customizable workspace. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with other Hexcal products.

Desk Mat Bundle x1

The Hexcal Desk Mat Bundle includes a sizeable desk mat and an ergonomic wrist cushion, carefully crafted to provide optimal comfort and support. The practical magnetic design enables the the wrist rest to securely attach to the desk mat, ensuring stability during use. Constructed from high-quality vegan leather, the mat offers a soft, waterproof surface, resulting in a luxurious and durable experience. Compatible with other Hexcal products, this bundle will elevate your workspace experience, combining style, functionality, and ergonomic design.

Desk Shelf x1

The minimalist design makes our Desk Shelf a truly convenient and functional accessory. 45-degree beveled edges make the entire construction appear lightweight and minimalist. The shelf rests on two curved steel legs which keep it extremely stable but visually unimposing. Coated with eco wax oil, the wood remains smooth without closing its pores.
Length: 105 cm / Width: 23 cm / Height: 11 cm (9 cm below the shelf) / Tabletop thickness: 1.8 cm / Leg span: 72 cm

Sketchslate Studio (Pro) / Sketchslate Mobile x1

The Sketchslate is a wooden drawing board for your iPad, available in two models: Sketchslate Mobile for on-the-go creativity, and Sketchslate Pro for longer work sessions. Made of high-grade Baltic birch wood to maintain thinness and strength, all attachment points for your iPad and accessories are magnetic for stability and minimalistic design. Enjoy drawing from your shoulder with extra wrist support during long creative hours. Each board is handmade by the creators in their Northern California backyard wood shop.


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