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What should I do if I added my IFP to the X-Sign broadcast again but X-Sign Broadcast had already been bound?


  1. Log in to X-Sign broadcast with your admin account and find the IFP to update it to the latest version (V2.3).
  2. Delete the duplicate IFP that shows as online.
  3. The offline IFP will go online and take effect, and the cross-service binding mechanism will activate as well.

Applicable Models

CP6501K, CP8601K, RE6501, RE7501, RE8601, RM5501K, RM5502K, RM6501K, RM6502K, RM7501K, RM7502K, RM8601K, RM8602K, RP6501K, RP6502, RP7501K, RP7502, 86" Interactive Display - RP8601K, RP8602, X-Sign Broadcast, AMS (Account Management System), DMS (Device Management Solution), RM6503, RM7503, RM8603, RM6503A, RM7503A, RM8603A

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