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Why does it turn to full screen automatically when I select InstaShare "2-Split Screen" or "4-Split Screen" to play YouTube video with an iPhone?


When YouTube video is played through an iPhone, it will turn to full screen automatically, this is a known behavior for iOS devices.

Applicable Models

RP6501K, RP7501K, 86" Interactive Display - RP8601K, RM5502K, RM6502K, RM7502K, RM8602K, CP8601K, RP6502, RP7502, RP8602, CP6501K, RE6501, RE7501, RE8601, RM6503, RM7503, RM8603, RE9801, InstaShare 2, RP7503, RP8603, RP6503, RE7503, RE8603, RE6503, RM6503A, RM7503A, RM8603A, RM6504 , RM7504 , RM8604 , RE6503A, RE7503A, RE8603A, RP6504, RP7504, RP8604

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