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Is the baud rate of the projector changeable?


No. The default baud rate is 9600 and cannot be changed.

Applicable Models

PX9230 6000 lms, XGA Large-Venue Projector, LU9915, PX9710 7700 lms, XGA Large-Venue Projector, PX9510, PX9210, PW9620 6700 lms, WXGA Large-Venue Projector, PW9520, PU9730 7000 lms, WUXGA Large-Venue Projector, PU9530, PU9220, LU9715 8000 lms, WUXGA Large-Venue Projector, LU9235 6000 lms, WUXGA Large-Venue Projector, LK970 5000 lms, 4K Laser Installation Projector, LU950 5000 lms, WUXGA Conference Room Projector, LU951ST 5000 lms, WUXGA Laser Installation Projector, LK953ST 5000 lms, 4K Laser Installation Projector, LK952 5000 lms, 4K Conference Room Projector, LK990 6000 lms, 4K Laser Installation Projector

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