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What are the differences between Eye Protect, Bright Intelligence, and Bright Intelligence Plus?


Eye Protect: built-in light sensor detects light conditions around the monitor and adjusts the backlight automatically.


Bright Intelligence (B.I.): built-in light sensor works to detect the ambient light, image brightness, and contrast, and then balances screen settings automatically.


Bright Intelligence Plus (B.I.+): same as above but more advanced sensor also takes color temperature into account when optimizing screen settings for the best image quality.


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Applicable Models

BL2283, BL2480, BL2480T, BL2483, BL2483T, BL2581T, BL2780, BL2780T, PD2500Q, PD2700U, PD2705Q, PD3200Q, PD3200U, PV270, PV3200PT

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