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How to Ensure an Optimal Wi-Fi Setup for Your BenQ Smart Projectors


Having a smooth connection to your Wi-Fi network is essential to getting the most out of your BenQ Smart Projector. This guide will cover key items to check to see if your projector’s Wi-Fi connection is set up correctly.

 1.    Analyze Signal Strength:

 To guarantee an optimal viewing experience, check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network in the room where the projector is installed. To do so, follow the steps below:

(1)  Click the All Apps menu in your Smart Projector.

smart projector launcher

(2)  In the All Apps menu, click the BenQ User Dashboard app.

BenQ User Dashboard

(3) In the BenQ User Dashboard app, click the Internet Quality tab. 

BenQ User Dashboard

Weak signals can lead to buffering and interruptions during streaming or playback of online content. The recommended Signal strength status is “Good” or “Normal” (as an example, in the image above the projector’s Wi-Fi Signal strength shows “Normal”). If your Signal strength is “Weak”, consider changing your smart projector’s Internet connection from Wi-Fi to a LAN connection for a better experience. However, if the problem persists even after switching to a LAN connection, it might indicate that an upgrade of the bandwidth within your environment is necessary. In such cases, connecting your Smart Projector directly to your laptop via HDMI cable can serve as a temporary solution while further improvements are made.

2. Test the Network Speed:

We suggest running network speed tests using the BenQ User Dashboard regularly to check your Internet connection's performance. Fast Internet ensures smooth loading and streaming on your projector.

Here's how to access the dashboard:

  • Follow steps 1 to 3 in the previous section.
  • Turn on the Internet speed detector option in the dashboard. For example, after running the detector for a while, it might show a speed of 20.33 Mbps.
BenQ User Dashboard

The points below detail the suggested bandwidths to ensure a smooth experience with your BenQ smart projector:   

  • If your bandwidth is at or above 10Mbps: Expect a loading time of approximately 20 sec. for the Smart projector to load a file from a cloud drive.
  • If your bandwidth is at or above 20Mbps: Expect a loading time of approximately 10 sec. for the Smart Projector to load a file from a cloud drive.
  • In order to minimize loading time, it is recommended that you open PDF files as they generally load more quickly. Powerpoint files tend to require a longer loading time in comparison.
  • Based on our tests, opening files from Google Drive results in faster loading times than One Drive.

3. Check Network Speed Stability:

A stable network speed is crucial for uninterrupted streaming. Within your BenQ user dashboard, you have the capability to monitor the weekly peak and lowest speeds. It is highly recommended that you maintain an average distributed value of at least 10Mbps and above for optimal streaming performance.

BenQ User Dashboard

In the image above, the average weekly speeds fall into the 20Mbps range.

By following these recommendations, you should be able to optimize the Wi-Fi quality for your BenQ smart projector and enjoy a smooth streaming experience without interruptions or buffering issues.

Applicable Models

EX605, EW805ST, EH700, EU610ST

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