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Why is my BenQ InstaShow VS20 Host receiver not connecting to the corporate network when I connect it with an ethernet wire?


Last updated Aug 15, 2023

Depending on your organization’s IT policy, your InstaShow’s MAC address may be blocked from your organization’s network. This can manifest itself in two different ways:

1.     When your organization’s Intranet is not blocked, you are able to access the InstaShow VS20 Host via your company laptop.

2.    When your organization’s Intranet is not blocked, but Internet access is blocked, you are able to access your InstaShow VS20 Host, however, you will not be able to use online resources such as video conferencing apps (i.e. Teams, ZOOM…etc)

In order to use the wireless conferencing features of your InstaShow VS20 system, check with your IT department in regards to your VS20’s MAC address. Based on the organization’s IT policy, when Internet is not allowed, use an indirect connection to set the InstaShow VS20 Host and devices to the same Intranet network. More information about network integration options can be found in the InstaShow VS20 White Paper. Also see Security Recommendations for Network Integration Options for InstaShow VS20. 

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