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Why do I see a pop-up on my laptop's home screen when I connect a BenQ InstaShow VS20 button?


Last updated July 14, 2023

When you connect a VS20 button to your laptop, a pop-up appears on your home screen. This pop-up is the result of the VS20 button's built-in driver, which enables your laptop to access the VS20 host receiver. 

auto wifi connect

The built-in driver inside the button help your laptop recognize VS20’s Wi-Fi network

The driver is a secure, encrypted, and read-only file. The purpose of the built-in driver is to allow your laptop to recognize and connect to the Wi-Fi network of the VS20 button.

*Please note that if you are a user of the InstaShow WDC series, you will not experience the same pop-up. This is because the WDC button does not require the use of a Wi-Fi network.

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