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Use BenQ InstaShow VS20 in a Dual Display Conference Room


The BenQ InstaShow VS20 is designed to support a single screen with one HDMI output port. However, if you need to set up a dual display conference room with two screens placed side by side, including one screen dedicated to Teams or any other video conferencing app, please follow these guidelines:

1st Screen:

  • Log into Teams or the desired conferencing app on this screen, which will act as your Host PC.
  • Connect the InstaShow VS20 button directly to this screen. The InstaShow VS20 buttons support both Mirroring Screen and Extend Screen functionalities. To avoid screen echo, use the Extend Screen option.
  • Install the InstaShow VS Assist app on this screen as well. Use Extend Screen to avoid screen echo. Your InstaShow VS Assist APP will also be installed here.  

2nd Screen:

  • Connect the 2nd screen and the VS20 Host Receiver using an HDMI cable.
  • The 2nd screen is typically used for in-room attendees and their button presentations.
  • Ensure that only the native USB cable provided with the peripheral is used when connecting your USB-based video conferencing devices to the VS20 Host Receiver.

1st Screen & 2nd Screen:

  • Share your InstaShow Display (2nd Screen) directly in Teams from the 1st screen.

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