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Can I use my laptop’s on-screen keyboard on a BenQ interactive display?


BenQ interactive displays support the use of the Windows on-screen keyboard and the macOS accessibility and touch keyboards. Using your laptop’s virtual keyboard is a convenient way to enter text on your display directly from the screen.

For steps on how to enable this feature, refer to the how-to article related to your device OS.

Applicable Models

RE8601, RE9801, RE6501, RE7501, RM5501K, RM6501K, RM6503, RM7501K, IL4301, IL5501, RM7503, RM8601K, RM8603, RP6501K, RP6502, RP7501K, RP7502, 86" Interactive Display - RP8601K, RP8602, CP8601K, CP6501K, RM6503A, RM7503A, RM8603A

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