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How can I set different roles and substitute admins for X-Sign CMS?


If you have several admins and would like them to manage different devices, please follow this tutorial to setup X-Sign CMS accordingly.
For example, Admin A can only manage certain devices and can't access devices assigned to Admin B. Please refer to the tutorial video below for details.

Applicable Models

ST550K, SL6502K, ST4301K, ST5501K, SL6502K, SL5502K, SL4302K, SL8502K, SL7502K, BH2401, BH2801 , BH3501, BH2801N, BH3801 , BH3801N, BH3801D, IL430, IL490, IL550 , BH2401T, BH3501T, PL490 , PL4901, PL5501, PL5502, PL552 , PL553 , ST4302, ST5502, ST6502, ST7502, ST8602, IL4301, IL5501, ST4302S, ST5502S, ST6502S, ST7502S, ST8602S

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