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Does InstaShare support content projection from Chrome OS devices to interactive flat panels (IFPs)?


Yes. InstaShare supports content projection and casting from devices running Chrome OS to IFPs.

Applicable Models

RP654K, RP704K, RP750K, RP860K, RP6501K, RP7501K, 86" Interactive Display - RP8601K, RM5501K, RM6501K, RM7501K, RM8601K, RM6502K, RM7502K, RM8602K, RP553K, RP653K, RM5502K, RP6502, RP7502, RP8602, RE6501, RE7501, RE8601, RM6503, RM7503, RM8603, RE6501, RE7501, RE8601, InstaShare, RM6503A, RM7503A, RM8603A

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