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Barco ClickShare CS-100 vs. InstaShow WDC-10

  • BenQ
  • 2020-10-29
A fair comparison between the two best-selling wireless presentation systems under $1K

The Barco ClickShare CS-100 and BenQ InstaShow WDC-10 are two market-leading wireless presentation systems that physically connect to a presenter’s notebook to enable them to wirelessly share projectors and flat panels in huddle spaces and conference rooms. This article compares Barco ClickShare vs Clickshare alternative InstaShow WDC-10, explains the difference between these two models to help you the one that suits your needs.

We will look at both products to evaluate:

Can visitors use it?

Most company meeting rooms and huddle spaces host a constant array of customers, vendors, consultants, bankers and other corporate visitors that will need access to the wireless presentation system to share content. Which system is easier to use for a visitor?

Barco ClickShare CS-100

The Barco ClickShare system requires visitors to run the ClickShare app on their notebook before presenting. This app uses the notebook’s system resources to perform some of the functions needed to use the ClickShare system. This can pose a problem for customers who have “locked down” notebooks who may require IT support or permission to load software onto their notebooks. Once the app is loaded, the visitor plugs a button into their notebook and presents.

BenQ InstaShow

Clickshare alternative BenQ InstaShow WDC-10 does not require any software or application to be loaded on the notebook. The visitor simply plugs in the button to the notebook and begins presenting. 

Both systems are easy to use, but the BenQ InstaShow app free design eliminates the need for visitors to load software onto their notebooks, enabling simple and intuitive use.

Is the data protected?

Meeting rooms and huddle spaces share lots of confidential and sensitive information, and consumer wireless video systems can be vulnerable to hackers who view or record wireless presentations. How well do these systems protect company IP from hackers?

Barco ClickShare CS-100

The Barco ClickShare has a number of security protections to safeguard content. The system does not rely on corporate network connections to work and encrypts the wireless transmissions between the buttons and the receiver. However, some highly secure environments do not allow any third party software to be run by notebooks, which would limit its use in these situations. Barco produces a detailed security guide that can be found on their site.

BenQ InstaShow

The BenQ InstaShow is also designed to provide security and protection of content. The system does not require any network connections and uses WPA2-PSK technology to encrypt the wireless transmissions between the buttons and the receiver. Because no software is needed, it is easier to use with security sensitive "locked down" notebooks.

While both the Barco ClickShare and BenQ InstaShow are designed for high levels of security needed in commercial environments, using advanced encryption to protect wireless content from being seen or recorded by unauthorized users. Both systems can operate independently of the corporate network and have detailed security guides outlining the steps taken to keep content safe. Because the BenQ InstaShow does not need any software applications, it can make it easier to deploy in highly secure environments that do not allow for any third-party software to be used on notebooks. 

Recently F-Secure Labs "identified many vulnerabilities that enabled hackers to intercept the wireless transmissions from the Barco ClickShare button on an unauthorized device – and watch the presentation content". Read this article to learn more about how BenQ InstaShow is protected from these vulnarabilities. 

How do they connect to a display?

Meeting rooms are unpredictable environments, often needing different connections to notebooks and other AV devices.  How do these wireless presentation systems work with different connections?

Barco ClickShare CS-100

This system has both USB and USB-C buttons available to enable a notebook running the ClickShare app to connect to the receiver.   The ClickShare app runs on the notebook in the background and handles the video data conversion and other tasks needed for the system to work.

BenQ InstaShow

The InstaShow has both HDMI and USB-C buttons available to support nearly any notebook and any legacy AV device with an HDMI port. The USB-C version supports newer MacBook and similar notebooks that provide video over the USB-C via ThunderBolt 3. The HDMI version is powered via a USB cable which enables the InstaShow HDMI button to work with other devices such as a Blu-Ray player in a meeting room environment.

Both systems have multiple button offerings to connect with nearly any notebook, including the newer USB-C models such as MacBooks. Both systems allow the mixing of both USB-C and HDMI / USB buttons on the same receiver. The major difference is BenQ InstaShow does not require an app to be loaded onto the notebook, enabling a button to be used with other HDMI equipped AV devices such as a Blu-Ray player, television receiver, document camera, or digital media player.

Comparison Table ClickShare CS-100 vs. InstaShow WDC-10

Both Barco CS-100 and Clickshare alternative BenQ InstaShow are worldwide market leaders in the wireless presentation market and used in both small and large organizations. The table below highlights some additional factors such as industrial design, how many presenters can use the system, and other setup factors that may be helpful in your decision.

  BenQ InstaShow WDC-10 Barco ClickShare CS-100

First connection setup time

BenQ InstaShow WDC-10

~ 29 seconds using USB power

Barco ClickShare CS-100

50 seconds – with app execution


Industrial Design Awards


BenQ InstaShow WDC-10

iF Design Award

Good Design Award

Taiwan Excellence Award

Barco ClickShare CS-100

Good Design Award


Number of Buttons/Transmitters Included

BenQ InstaShow WDC-10

2 plus tabletop holder

Barco ClickShare CS-100



Maximum number of presenters / devices

BenQ InstaShow WDC-10


Barco ClickShare CS-100


Both the Barco ClickShare and BenQ InstaShow are secure, easy to use wireless presentation systems that will fit into any corporate or educational environment. These two systems have about the same street price and are deployed in both large and small companies around the world.

The BenQ InstaShow appears to be a great Barco Clickshare alternative for companies that prioritize security.  Its app free design eliminates the need for software to be run on a notebook before use. The InstaShow also provides instant collaboration out of the box with more buttons and an award-winning tabletop button holder that will grace any huddle space or conference room table.

Don`t just take our word for it, get a FREE DEMO and try InstaShow for yourself!