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benq all-in-one video conferencing solution limited time offer
Bundle and Save $150 On Every 4k Camera
Jumpstart Your Hybrid Working Solution With Confidence

• Simplify deployment by implementing Smart Signage into your meeting tech stack


• Save time by efficiently deploying centrally managed displays to multiple meeting rooms and WFH


• Increase productivity with All-in-One Smart Signage purpose built for effective meetings and presentations


• Flexibly deploy in any situation with 5 choices in display size (43", 55", 65", 75", 86")


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With BenQ professional smart signage, you access wireless display, casting, and sharing for all your presentations. Crisp and lively video quality gets your message across without incurring undue costs, as BenQ presentation-class displays arrive at a very inviting value point.

Equipped with AI-powered auto framing, 4K UHD video, and omnidirectional microphones, BenQ DVY22 is a versatile camera designed to provide the best video conferencing experience possible. 

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