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Projectors / Portable Projector / GS2 | Wireless Portable Mini Projector for Family Entertainment / Review & Recommendations

Wireless LED Portable Mini Projector for Family Entertainment | GS2

  • Splash-proof, Drop-proof, Eye-Protection Sensor and Parental Timer designed with your child in mind

  • Wireless cast, HDMI, USB Type-C, USB for multi-connectivity

  • Bluetooth speaker, Built-in Aptoide TV Apps, 3-Hour Battery Life


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Media Review
BenQ Entertainment Monitor EW3280U review by iMore
New DLP projector goes small even as it projects big images at home

BenQ is calling its new GS2 projector an all-in-one entertainment device for families. It is looking to bring big-screen entertainment into more rooms in the house than just the living room.

BenQ Entertainment Monitor EW3280U review by  TheGamer
The BenQ GS2 review: The small and go-anywhere projector

Our entertainment needs to follow us as well. Whether at home, camping at the beach or glamping in a hotel, we want to watch what we want, when we want it. And the BenQ GS2 will let you do that whenever you need it and enjoy your entertainment in a much larger screen than any of your portable devices.

Geek Review: Bring Home Cinema Anywhere With The BenQ GS2 Projector

Imagine not having to jostle with strangers in a crowd and being able to recreate your favourite movie experience wherever you go. Whether you are indoors for a sleepover or outdoors attending a BBQ with your family, you can watch your shows anywhere with the new BenQ GS2 Projector.

BenQ GS2: A road-ready portable projector for indoor and outdoor family gatherings

The projector in question is the BenQ GS2: a sleek, feature-rich device engineered for family activities. Think picnic dates at parks, gatherings at chalets or simple void deck hangs. The GS2 claims itself to make your family activities more enjoyable regardless of indoor and outdoor scenarios. The good news here is that this projector indeed works beautifully either way.

6 On-trend Activities to Boost #stayhome Family Bonding in Phase Two and Beyond

To take your family bonding moments up a notch, invest in the new BenQ GS2 Wireless Portable Projector. Turn your tiny screen displays into a grand 80-plus inch projection, powered by Digital Light Processing technology for optimal viewing experiences. With wireless cast-and-play functionality and Bluetooth speaker, it maximises all your entertainment and edutainment needs. Best of all, with Parental Timer control, Eye-Protection Sensor, and Drop & Splash Proof features, you can relax knowing your kids are in safe hands.

User Experience

"I knew this projector from a taiwan youtuber. After compare with different brand of portable projector, i have decided to choose Benq. I feel great that i make a right decision. It takes just 3 working days and delivered by ninjavan, very efficient and satisfied with their service. Projector come"


Ah D.

"Received order in 2 days via standard express, speedpost. Bought during 10.10 sale. Initial setup took awhile. Connect to IOS is easy and straightforward. Only downside is the build in speakers is rather soft. Happy purchase.."



"Used this projector for about 3 days straight at night when arrived, I'm impressed! I was searching for an entry projector during National Day sales and decided to go for this. Delivery by NinjaVan was swift, and BenQ Lazada's support is excellent."



"Delivery was fast and it takes a few mins to set up. Overall, the product is of good quality, rubbery texture and projection seems great although it seems have lower specs than other brands.."