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EH600 | Wireless Android-based Smart Projector for Business | 3500lm 1080p

  • Convenience made easier through wireless connections, productivity apps, and over-the-air firmware updates.

  • Wireless projection & mirroring capabilities across various platforms (Mac/iOS, Android, or PC) for simple and easy presentations.

  • Wireless projector with internet connectivity, video conference soltuion, and USB reading to easily show your ideas during huddle sessions.



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Guidesify EH600 Review

"With BenQ’s EH600 wireless smart projector, modern companies have the option of removing laptops entirely from meetings and promote face-to-face discussion. The EH600 is a good long-term investment and an extraordinary multi-purpose tool for both office and home use. "

Tech Jio EH600 Review

"The BenQ EH600 Smart Projector is very easy to use. For businesses where your employees are mobile and presentations are common, the BenQ EH600 Smart Projector presents a pretty good offering in terms of its connectivity options, quality of display and versatility."

Afzainizam Zahari EH600 Review (Video)

“I love it! It got internet access and wireless connection to my iPad pro. It’s so bright, producing 3500 lumen, and enable digital expression for digital artist. It’s perfect for work or learn from home situation.”

Primeval Media EH600 Review (Video)

“You can do anything from the projector itself. It’s probably the most convenient and easy-to-use projector I’ve ever used. That’s why I recommend it for corporate and business, even for office or working at home currently.”