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Prism Advertising Installs BenQ Smart Wireless Short Throw Projectors to Enhance Creative Presentations

  • BenQ
  • 2021-07-13
Prism Advertising Installs BenQ Smart Wireless Short Throw Projectors to Enhance Creative Presentations
Prism Advertising Installs BenQ Smart Wireless Short Throw Projectors to Enhance Creative Presentations


Prism Advertising, a creative agency in Dubai, hoped to upgrade their internal communications by integrating workplace transformation through smart and interactive display solutions to amplify collaboration. They wanted to integrate solutions that minimize the time and resources wasted on the confusion created cords and cables. After consulting internally and researching multiple solutions, the creative agency decided to move ahead with BenQ’s EX800ST Wireless Android-based Smart Projector for Business that offers an impressive combination of interactive, portable, and wireless features.

They installed the EX800ST Wireless Android-based Smart Projector in their meeting room. The innovative projector offers functional capabilities that have transformed the way people at Prism interact and collaborate, creating a much more impactful, convenient, and productive experience for them.

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BenQ EX800ST Smart Projector for Business






Prism Advertising, a creative agency in Dubai, installs BenQ Smart Wireless Short Throw Projectors to enhance its creative communication and presentations




Prism Advertising is a creative agency that is working on raising the bar for creativity by stepping up the traditional branding and marketing practices and combining with innovative digital online solutions and social media. Prism wanted to work with technology that can minimise harmful contact and maximize productivity to help them create innovative digital online branding and marketing solutions better. Prism employs a network of experts around the region and in UK where their other office is located, and they felt there was a dire need to enhance the way their communications work. They wanted to upgrade their offices with modern presentation solutions to drive more result oriented, cost effective and objective driven communication internally.


Wireless projection with BenQ EX800ST Short-throw Wireless Smart Projector for Business
switch between various devices for creative wireless presentation


The IT team and management at Prism sampled various solutions from vendors in the display solutions space; they found what they were looking for in BenQ’s EX800ST Wireless Android-based Smart Projector for Business. Based on their technical team’s advice and BenQ’s reputation for quality after-sales service, Prism decided to let BenQ help them with their display and presentation needs. The smart projector provides convenient communication and presentation through wireless connections, built-in business apps, and over-the-air firmware updates.

The EX800ST is a short throw projector with internet connectivity and USB reading that enables teammates to easily showcase their ideas during huddle sessions. The EX800ST can instantly turn any space into a video conferencing room without costing much or creating any chaos with its exclusive driver-free wireless projection. It is compatible with any device, allowing users to connect and get started immediately.


The EX800ST projector come embedded with TeamViewer Meeting video conferencing software that makes remote meetings straightforward and Prism employees couldn’t be happier with how seamless they make their meetings. With a camera is available, users can enjoy remote meetings on a large screen, anywhere. BenQ’s wireless projection also offers a unique advantage over competitors by letting users mirror the screens of devices connected to the same network as the projector. This feature supports many OSes and device types and is also compatible to connect the mobile devices which meet WPA2 standard, guaranteeing information security by safeguarding against data theft during data transmission. This acts as a great collaborative advantage for creative professionals at Prism Advertising.


Prism Advertising uses BenQ EX800ST wireless smart projector for video conferences
Hassle-free pc-less experience with BenQ Wireless Smart Projector


BenQ’s EX800ST smart short-throw projectors have had quite a positive impact on the communications and presentations at Prism Advertising. Members of the staff feel quite satisfied with how seamless things are with EX800ST and they appreciate how that frees up more time for them to focus on their core expertise. The projector grants employees’ access to their personal cloud storage for meeting materials, enabling them to prepare for and hold meetings without laptops. The EX800ST’s proprietary broadcasting system lets administrators send customized messages, such as a polite notification that meeting time is almost up, to facilitate smooth transitions between meetings. The smallest of solutions embedded in BenQ’s offering have made big differences in smoothening communication and amplifying the flow of creative juices at Prism Advertising.


BenQ Smart Control app for Wireless Smart Projector
Wireless projection from iPad with BenQ Wireless Smart Projector for Business