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How to Use Smart Projectors for Business - A Step by Step Guide

  • BenQ
  • 2019-11-15
Unlike other wireless projectors on the market today, BenQ Smart Projectors for Business provide convenience like never before, with many useful apps to elevate your agile team. To help you take advantage of the wireless , PC-less , and effortless possibilities that Smart Projectors bring to your huddle meetings, here are our step by step tips on how to use your Smart Projector.
Smart Projectors for Business - Initial Setup
Wirelessly project your device with Smart Projector for Business
How to project your device in a WiFi-less environment [Hotspot Mode]
How to connect to a Bluetooth speaker & USB Flash drive
How to download apps and edit screen settings
How to start a video conference with apps
How to Use X-Sign Broadcast on Smart Projector
World’s First Android-based Smart Projectors for Business EH600/ EW600/ EX600
  • Convenience made easier through wireless connection, built-in business apps, and over-the-air firmware updates.
  • Wireless projection & mirroring capabilities across various platforms (Mac/iOS, Android, or PC) for simple and easy presentations.
  • Built-in Firefox browser and business apps to easily show your ideas during huddle sessions.