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Projectors / Home Entertainment Projector for Games and Sports / TK850i | 4K HDR Smart Home Projector for Binge Watchers & Sports Fans / Review & Recommendations

4K HDR Smart Home Projector with 3000lm High Brightness Powered by Android TV| TK850i

  • True 4K UHD resolution with 8.3M pixels and 3000lm high brightness for brightly-lit rooms

  • HDR-PRO™ technology and tailored Sports Mode for immersive experience of sports event streaming

  • Google-certified Android TV and Google Play store


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Media Review
BenQ TK850i review:
4 tips to ease yourself back into work or study mode in the new year

“TK850i Smart Home Projector specialises in bringing fast-paced broadcasts and videos to life - perfect for those who are keen to catch the upcoming Tokyo Olympics or simply relax with a Disney+ binge.”

BenQ TK850i review:
Back to P2HA? Here are things you can get to create a cosy night in with loved ones

“TK850i comes with true 4K UHD resolution with 8.3M pixels and 3000lm high brightness for brightly lit rooms, and HDR-PRO technology and tailored Sports Mode."

BenQ TK850i review:
True 4K HDR-PRO entertainment projector powered by Android TV

“The BenQ TK850i is BenQ’s new true 4K HDR projector with high brightness for sports watching and streaming in a room with ambient light. It supports the HDR-PRO technology, which enhances 4K HDR for improved detail.”

User Experience

"Very quality is superb"



"It has flexibility in placement, hanging or on table top. The installation is simple if you use google setup on your android phone. It has Disyney+, prime video!"


Soon P.

"Well received. Delivery was fast. It works well for me. Resolution is great."