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Short Throw Projector for Gaming | TH671ST

  • 16ms Low input lag short throw projector for gaming delivers ultra-smooth action

  • 15,000 hour long lamp life for extended gaming

  • Short throw projector provides immersive 100" gameplay from just 4.9ft/1.5m


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Media Review
BenQ TH671ST review:

A comprehensive guide to gaming monitors & projectors for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

“TH671ST comes with a 1080p (FHD) resolution and a short throw design that provides immersive 100″ gameplay from just 1.5m. With a brightness of 3000lm and 92% Rec.709 color space, the TH671ST offers a rich, detailed picture that truly immerses one in the gameplay.”

BenQ TH671ST review:
Gaming With The BenQ TH671ST Projector Means Not Wanting Anything Else

“Gaming on the BenQ TH671ST is the reason to buy this projector and I can say in no uncertain terms that I was thoroughly impressed. As I said, I’m a person that doesn’t have a 100″ theater screen handy and no man cave, yet. This projector made great use of the space and the empty wall that I had. There was nothing I wanted more than to play games on a huge screen or in this case image.”

User Experience

" Great product working really well with day light quite impressed with quality, seller is really fast with delivery, bought on Sunday, Tuesday 2pm product received."


J****** T.

"Great projector, able to project 1080p images pretty clear and bright. Project decent images even in bright daylight. "



"It is all what the reviewers said, it is sharp, contrast, great colours and it is super bright. you can see the projection even with your windows open during the day.Highly recommended.."


r**** S.

"m pleasantly surprised at the brightness, colour quality of the projections and the short throw distance required. It is better than I thought"