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BenQ ZOWIE Announces the XL Series as the 2018 Official Monitor Sponsor for PUBG Korea League: Pro Tour of PSS, APL, and PWM

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN, July 17TH, 2018: BenQ ZOWIE is proud to be recognized as the official monitor sponsor for PUBG Korea League 2018 Pro Tour of APL, PSS, and PWM. We supported 144Hz model both XL2411P and XL2720 that comes with Black eQualizer, and Color Vibrance. 

As the monitor sponsor, all matches and players of PSS will be played with BenQ ZOWIE’s XL2411P, and APL and PWM will be played on XL2720 eSports Gaming Monitors to ensure all players can perform at their best. Both models provide Black eQualizers and Color Vibrance, which can greatly enhance player’s visibility in the game, helps to identify enemy under an open world environment with minimum efforts.

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Tournament Facts

These tournaments are pro level PUBG professional esports events, gather attentions from the best PUBG teams in Korea. The professional teams are certified by PUBG Corporation.


PUBG Survival Series (PSS) is a premier level tournament hosted by OGN in Korea. Currently Season 1 qualifier was held from 2018/04/15 to 2018/05/09, as the finals was taken place at OGN e-STADIUM on 2018/05/19. It invites the top players around the world, including Korea, China, and 3 western teams (Team Vitality, FaZa Clan, and OpTic Gaming). PSS Season 1 had total prize pool of $118,000,000 KRW ($110,000 USD), with total 20 teams.


Season 2 qualifier was held from 06/10 to 06/26, and the finals will be taken in the same place as Season 1 on 2018/07/07. 3 Chinese teams, and 2 Thailand teams was invited to Season 2. The total prize pool is KRW$100,000,000 ($91,000USD).

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AfreecaTV PUBG League (APL) is another Premier Professional Tour, hosted by AfreecaTV in Korea. Season 1 qualifier was held from 2018/04/02 to 2018/04/13, and the Season 1 finale was held in KT 10 GIGA Arena on 2018/05/05. It has total prize pool of $120,000,000 ($111,300 USD). APL invited totally 48 teams from China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Korea.

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PUBG Warfare Masters (PWM) is also a certified Premier Professional Tour, hosted by SPOTV Games in Korea. PWM Offline Qualifiers are currently on-going from 2018/05/14 to 2018/05/30, the wild card will be on 2018/06/06, and Final will be on 2018/06/13 in NEXON Arena. It provides total prize pool of $100,000,000 KRW ($93,000 USD). PWM invited totally 40 teams, 35 Korean, and 4 international professional teams, and 1 amateur team.

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