BenQ Launches GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and Monitor Light ScreenBar to Protect Consumers’ Eye Health

BenQ’s advanced eye-care technologies and sleek ergonomic designs power the latest work and study setup in a screen-centric world.


Singapore, October 7, 2020 – BenQ, the world-leading provider of digital lifestyle innovations, today launched the GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and Monitor Light ScreenBar, a powerful combination to safeguard eye health for any work and study environment. GW2780T is the 27-inch edition of its popular predecessor GW2480T 24-inch monitor, featuring the latest eye-care technologies and height adjustment stand; complemented by the ScreenBar, an intelligent clip-on monitor light with advanced sensors and dimmable features designed for consumers’ viewing comfort.

BenQ GW2780T eye care monitor is designed for working and study at home
BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light is designed for protecting your eyes.

With the existing work-from-home regulations due to COVID-19, Singaporeans continue to spend a disproportionate amount of time at their home office, creating a need for intelligent digital products that maintain and protect eye health in our screen-centric world.

“The ongoing pandemic has normalised remote working and learning on a large scale, resulting in an increase in average screen time for both adult and young digital consumers. The launch of BenQ’s GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and Monitor Light ScreenBar in Singapore is paving the way for new concepts of home productivity and entertainment setups while safeguarding consumers’ eye health,” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific. “The monitor-ScreenBar duo boasts intelligent features and intuitive designs to optimise the productivity corner, a commitment that BenQ continues to uphold for office workers and students who are experiencing higher screen time after the pandemic.”

GW2780T – Eye-care monitor designed for remote working and learning

The latest model in BenQ’s G-Series LED monitors, the GW2780T Eye-care Monitor offers the user many vision health-focused features, including BenQ’s exclusive Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I.). As screen time increases, computer users are more susceptible to eyestrain caused by improper lighting from ambient light and display light, as well as reflection glare. This could potentially contribute to the prevalence of myopia in Singapore, which is currently amongst the highest in the world.

The GW2780T Eye-care Monitor uses B.I. to automatically adjust the screen light to suit the user’s surrounding environment, adapting brightness and enhancing dark areas on the display without overexposing bright regions.

Engineered for safe and optimal screen time, both the GW2480T and GW2780T Eye-care Monitors offer pairing options with laptop, tablet, and even smart phone, allowing the user to enjoy the comfort of big screen projection, with the help of Flicker-Free Technology and Low Blue Light Technology.

The GW2780T is a valuable addition to any home office or study room as its height adjustment stand allows for optimal customisation in terms of the display height, tilt, pivot, and swivel—all of which ensure that anyone in the family can comfortably maintain a proper viewing distance and correct sitting posture.

ScreenBar covers color temperature form 2700K~6500K for users to choose

ScreenBar – An Amazon US bestseller now available in Singapore

An original invention by BenQ, the ScreenBar is a cutting-edge e-reading monitor light that features exclusive auto-dimming feature, asymmetrical optical design, and a patented clip, removing the need for a lamp base and additional table space.

What makes the Monitor Light ScreenBar top off the line is its 14 adjustable brightness levels and 8 colour temperature levels (from 2.7K to 6.5K), maximising the user’s efficiency and comfort. The auto-dimming feature, thanks to built-in ambient light sensors, detects the surrounding brightness and illuminates the workstation with the proper brightness and colour temperature.

The USB-powered ScreenBar also features an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and does not shine on the screen, avoiding reflective glare.

BenQ’s Monitor Light ScreenBar can be paired with a wide range of monitors, offering the user unmatched product versatility and optimal viewing experience regardless of their environment.

The GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and Monitor Light ScreenBar retails at SGD339 and SGD159 incl. GST and are now available exclusively at BenQ Store on Lazada.

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