BenQ Gaming Monitors Unlock New Levels of Audiovisual Immersion

MOBIUZ Combines Intelligent HDRi, Tailored Audio, and Gaming Enhancements with Exclusive Eye-Care.



BenQ, leading global innovator of display technologies, announced EX2710 and EX2510, the first entrants of its new MOBIUZ gaming monitors. And they will be available in Singapore September 7th. The new MOBIUZ EX2510, and EX2710 gaming monitors are harnessing immersive HDRi technology and purpose-built treVolo speakers to deliver the most engaging gaming platform, MOBIUZ enriches emphatic gameplay with image, audio, and control enhancements as well as proprietary BenQ Eye-Care.

BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitor EX2710 look from left.
BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitor EX2710 look from back.


“MOBIUZ unleashes your imagination and engulfs you in vibrant gameplay more than ever before,” said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation. “Exclusive performance innovations such as intelligent HDRi and tailor-made speakers from our renowned treVolo audio team complement ingenious gamer features and eye-care to ensure you not only enjoy, but fully immerse yourself in everything that the gaming world has to offer.”


Utilizing a discretely integrated light sensor, EX2710 and EX2510 actively detect ambient light levels and analyze on-screen content to produce flawlessly detailed HDR images. This BenQ-exclusive HDRi technology provides unprecedented clarity with superb contrast to reveal subtle shades in dark regions of the screen while preserving fine details in bright areas. Generating stunning color intensity, balance, and saturation, the BenQ MOBIUZ Series captivates gamers into richly rendered in-game universes without visual compromise. For full immersion, MOBIUZ gaming monitors also offer custom high-end speakers designed by BenQ’s treVolo audio engineers to deliver a spectacular aural experience.

BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitor EX2710 look from left side.
BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitor EX2710 look from back side.


For hassle-free gaming, the monitors’ proprietary enhancements including Light Tuner’s 20 level settings for different gaming genres and Black eQualizer for brightening dark corners and shadows to help gamers easily identify game objects and hidden enemies. Their intuitive Scenario Mapping feature auto-selects your preferred settings when the input source is switched. Quick OSD presets and a 5-Way Navigator joystick allow easy access to these game-enhancements in no time.


And in addition to the blisteringly quick response of FreeSync Premium, MOBIUZ offers Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technologies to eliminate motion tearing and stuttering for fluid, smooth action.

Complete with exclusive BenQ Eye-Care, the new BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710 and EX2510 gaming monitors equip gamers to experience and enjoy full gaming immersion.

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