BenQ Full HD Projectors Top Global Rankings in 2014

BenQ Full HD Projectors Top Global Rankings in 2014


Company Outpaces the Competition with a 25.9% Market Share

In 2014, BenQ projectors garnered a 12.9% global market share, ranking as the world’s second-largest brand, as well as taking the top spot in the DLP (digital light processing) sector for the sixth year in a row, according to market research firm Futuresource Consulting.

The company performed especially well in the full HD projector sector, achieving world number-one status with an unbeatable 25.9% market share, thanks to a strategy highlighting household usage and user experience that boosted customer preference for the brand.

BenQ projectors’ global market share in 2014 rose 1.5 percentage points over 2013, the largest gain among all major brands. The brand performed especially well in Europe and China, scoring respective market shares of 18.8% and 13.3%. Statistics show that in the fourth quarter of 2014, BenQ was among the top three brands in 30 countries, taking the number-one spot in 13 countries and regions, including northern Europe, Germany, Austria, and Indonesia. BenQ also claimed the number-two rank in 12 countries, among them China, India, Russia, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

BenQ President Conway Lee points out that while further improving products and services, the company will also continue to embrace innovative marketing strategies, citing the soft appeal of videos in eliciting emotional attachment to the brand among consumers. The company will strive for further penetration of BenQ projectors into the daily lives of consumers, thereby conveying the ideal of “bringing enjoyment and quality to life.”