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Height Adjustable Eye-Care IPS 24 inch Monitor Brightness Intelligence | GW2480T

  • IPS panel for wide viewing angle

  • Height adjustable stand for better seating position

  • Eye-care technology for eye comfort


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Media Review
BenQ GW2480T Eye-Care Monitor Specially Designed for Study

Singapore has one of the highest myopia (short-sightedness) rates in the world and many of our kids are myopia much earlier and even before they start schooling. As parents, we are concerned about the myopia issue and to help prevent myopia from worsening for our kids. Here's the key features of Eye-Care Monitor GW2480T that are designed for children at a glance as follows: 24 inches, height adjustment stand, B.I. Tech, Low Blue Light, Flicker-Free, Color Weakness Mode and Wide Viewing Angle.

BenQ Entertainment Monitor EW3280U review by  TheGamer
5 Tips to Protect Children Eyes Eye Strain in the Digital Age Eye Care Monitor is a Smarter Choice!

Singapore tops many world rankings – we’re kiasu like that, right? But did you know that Singapore is also #1 in the world for the prevalence of childhood myopia in seven- to nine-year-olds? Indeed, students are spending more time on tablets and laptops, often with a short viewing distance and in dim light. The BenQ Eye-Care Monitor GW2480T. It’s specifically designed to solve digital eye strain problems and is ideal for children and students. Kids will find that they can concentrate better on their studies, resulting in more efficient learning.

Here's What You Need To Protect Your Child's Eyes From Deteriorating In The Digital Age

In Singapore, one in two children develops myopia by the age of 12. And 83% of them will turn myopic by age 18. As parents, you may have tried to control your kids’ screen time, but controlling their use may get more and more difficult as they grow older. The BenQ GW2480T Eye-care Monitor for study is the perfect choice for study, play and more.

User Experience

All nicely pack in the box. Monitor is heavy. Easy to assemble. Loving it!



It does come with HDMI/DP/VGA ports and able to adjust height and pivot, also the eye-care features.


Martin C.

24" is just nice for my table. In build speakers pretty decent. Colour and pixel density very similar to my macbook.


Zhenyi W.

So far speakers sounds good, no dead pixels. Loving the full adjustability of the stand! 1080p is enough for 24in screen.