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Monitors / Entertainment Monitor with Speakers / EW3280U / Review & Recommendations

4K HDRi Eye Care Entertainment Monitor 31.5-inch | EW3280U

  • 31.5 inch 4K (UHD) High Resolution

  • HDRi Technology and Built-in 2.1 treVolo Speakers

  • Best for Binge Watching and Console Gaming


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Expert Review
BenQ Entertainment Monitor EW3280U review by iMore

“The BenQ EW3280U is an excellent monitor that manages to bring enough value from the combination of 4K and its HDR modes to fit its price.”

by Lory Gil, iMore's Review

BenQ Entertainment Monitor EW3280U review by  TheGamer

“Along with the visual enhancements, the monitor includes different sound modes for optimal quality. For instance, in the Cinematic sound mode, ambient noise and background music play at an even sound volume, much as a film or television producer would have intended.”

by WHITNEY MEERS The Gamer's Review

EBPMAN Tech Reviews:

HDRi takes color accuracy to a total different level!

TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel

I love that there’s a lot of presets for both the video and audio quality, so whatever you’re doing, you’ll get the best experience.

Tech of Tomorrow

The audio is actually pretty good. It also has Tripoli tech and this helps you shape and tailor your sound to whatever different taste you have.

A2K Review

It looks good, it sounds surprisingly great, and the pack quality is superb. It will be perfect match for casual gamers and also great for watching movies.

User Experience

"Super fast delivery. Item packed well and delivered well without any scratches or dents. Thanks benq for the awesome 4K monitor."



"Bought this during 9.9 sales, it is a good 4k IPS monitor with built in speaker and usb c 60w port. Speaker’s sound quality is good so far. Jack of all trades."



"It’s huge and I double it as a work monitor and bedroom TV to watch Netflix shows. Delivery was also very fast."



"This is superb 4K monitor + HDR + Fairly good 2.1 sound system + remote controller + IPS panel . You even can use it for Lightroom to edit RAW photo, some review said Delta E <3. You can't miss this monitor."