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28-inch 4K UHD HDRi IPS Entertainment Monitor | EW2880U

  • 28” 3840x2160 4K 16:9 HDR Monitor w/90% DCI-P3 Color Gamut

  • USB-C™ w/ 60W Power Delivery and M-book Mode for Macbook

  • HDRi Technology for Enhanced Gaming & Cinematic Visuals


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Expert Review
Latest BenQ Monitors For Entertainment Junkies

by A2K

"In large part it was due to the built-in 2.1 speaker array and overall great colour accuracy. Now BenQ is following up with two new options in the line-up - the 28 inch 4K model for those who need something smaller, as well as this 37.5 inch WQHD+ beast."

Best Budget Option For Apple Mac Users!

by Terafied

"BenQ really makes quite the affordable yet stunning monitor for many out there who's on a budget. The EW2880U is exactly that, offering a great 4K IPS panel at 28-inches while being, well, affordable! Additionally, it has a trick up its sleeve for Mac users ... Go and check the video up!"

Media Review
BenQ EW2880U review:
Stunning 4K HDR entertainment monitor

“The new BenQ EW2880U is just breathtaking, and if you are on the look for a premium 4K monitor,
this is one you should check out. It’s 28 inches and supports USB Type-C connectivity
and has some really cool features.”

User Experience

USB-C to connect to MacBook easily. Overall: good value for a 4k monitor



Very nice monitor, Wow👍, setup was easy, 4K display is superb.



The monitor is great to watch any time; no problem with my sensitive eyes.



Fast delivery and nice quality 4K monitor. monitor leg is very strong.